Hello, and Welcome to Wings Unfurled

I am delighted you were guided to my website and I am honored to think you may find what you are looking for on these pages.

Wings Unfurled beckons to you to find healing in whatever form you desire. Please understand that you become the healer as the light inside you brightens. I believe that healing comes to us in many ways — through words, through energy healing, sounds, crystal healing and even classes and workshops. Wings Unfurled wants to help you unfurl your angel wings through healing with angelic energy in whatever way calls to you. This journey we call life is amazing and if you are anything like me, it is a journey to go inside and to call upon your wisdom and to let the Lightworker that resides there to help you live your best life.

Lightworkers are those who volunteered before birth to help Mother Earth and her populations heal from the effects of fear.

Each Lightworker comes here with a special purpose, however when they get to Earth with its dense energies most forget their purpose. They forget their divine identities along with their abilities to help and heal. When Lightworkers stray from their life purpose they tend to feel lost and afraid, knowing something important is missing in their lives. You have been guided here so that I may help you heal and to discover the light that shines within you.

Lightworkers bring light into the world by first letting go of their baggage and keeping themselves clear. Keeping your energies clear is essential on this dense Earth with the stresses of everyday life. Using Angel Oracle cards, I call upon my Angels, Teachers and Spirit Guides to give me messages for you and to answer questions you may have regarding your life’s path or purpose, career, money, love life or other relationships in your life and to help you heal and clear your energy.

My services include  Angel Play a monthly subscription package, Angel Readings, Soul Readings, and Healing Sessions.

Please check the other pages on my site for more information.

I thank you for finding your way here and hope you discover your heart’s desire; but, if not, I send you along your path with blessings of love and light.