2017 Angelic Message

Dear Ones, The world lights up from your light. We see the pulsing of your energies as they connect to the grid and make it brighter. It is a beautiful thing! You are living in such an important time and we bless you for choosing to witness the changes in your world. Many see the polarities as tensions have grown. This is the catalyst for change and not such a bad thing. The light grows brighter each day as your world changes. You are just awakening to your power and as your light grows and integrates with those around you, so does the power of the light. With more light, truths are uncovered and those operating in the dark are left behind. More truths will be forthcoming in January and February of 2017. Do not succumb to the fear that surround these. Stay in the light and refuse to dim yourself. The light will win.

2017 will bring changes in how you live your lives. More people at home, working and being content not to run, run, run! It also brings increased sense of community. Smaller neighborhood groups form to begin this process. Neighbors will understand the value of watching out for each other. Big pots of food shared and food grown by many shared. This is the beginning.

We beseech you to each month to set aside time to pray for peace in the world. If you can take some time each day, that would be especially beneficial to you and the world. Take the time to send your light out with loving, peaceful thoughts. It is very important. As the world becomes peaceful so does your energy. YOU can make a difference. Just by shining your light out with peace.

We ask you to limit your time on Social Media and watching the news. In other words, disconnect at times. While Social Media has its place in your world, it also feeds negativity. Do not believe everything you read at first glance. Investigate on your own so you find your own truth. Be wary of the news media – they no longer come to a story without bias. When a story comes to light, look around to make sure there is not something they are trying to distract your attention from. Find your truth – not what someone tells you is true. Find what your heart and soul tells you is YOUR truth. Make sure ego sits as a silent observer when making this determination.

2017 will be a glorious time for many of you as you go inside and find your truth and wisdom and let your light shine them out to the world. Living in your truth with integrity will bring forward the movement and life that you want.

It is time to think beyond money, power and limitations. It is time to dream your life alive!

Who are you at your soul level? What feels good for you to pursue? What is your soul purpose? Are you living it?

As you ask these questions to yourself, go quietly to your inner space and allow your angels and guides to help your inner wisdom and higher self take the driver’s seat in your life. Connection to Source energy will provide the fuel to propel you forward.

Are you ready for a great adventure? Hold on, fasten your seat belts-GO!

Rev. Mary Perry & The Elders of Light

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