About Rev. Mary Perry


All of my life, I have felt different from other people, not really fitting-in, always searching for something.

When I was younger, I saw Spirit, but I was told it was my imagination – it was nothing – so I ignored my gifts and closed down.

My re-awakening began a year after my Father died when I spoke with him on the phone.  I called my Mom’s house and the answering machine picked up. The message started and instead of the usual recording, I heard my Father’s voice on the answering machine.  Visibly shaken, I hung up.  After regaining my composure I called again and once more heard my Father’s voice. The same message played and I became more upset.  I called a third time and my Mom answered.  Confused over my account of Dad’s voice on the previous calls, she had a friend call, but the voice on the recording was that of the usual message.

That was my wake-up call and I knew then that I was being asked to follow an unconventional path, slowly and gently being led to where I am today.  I began to look deeper within myself, realizing that I needed to heal the past hurts and to fill the void–the hole–the something that was missing within me.  Although I didn’t know how to identify it, and couldn’t describe the feeling, I knew that it originated in and around my heart. Through the years following that episode, I was driven to search and identify new truths that would allow me to develop myself physically, mentally, emotionally but especially spiritually.

As I’ve traveled down this path, I realize that all of these areas need to be in sync if a person is to be balanced and complete.  I always knew there was something else — something elusive — something more than the physical world.  Even more than the religion I was taught.  So great.  So immense.  Just waiting to be rediscovered.

By developing a connection to Source energy, I found a love so great that I will never be the same.  In this physical life, we do not know how to acknowledge unconditional love and what it can bring to us. The love that exists deep inside – the Creator’s love – is what we all strive to find again. The path we follow to achieve that varies but I believe that with the Angels’ energy we can reach places where we soar.

For days before my Father transitioned, he saw the Angels and would talk to them as he lay in his hospital bed.  I knew the Angels surrounded him and I found great comfort knowing that he had these messengers to guide him through to the other side.  What I did not understand at the time was that the Angels are here for all of us and we don’t have to wait until we die to have them in our lives.  I am extremely grateful to him for bringing me to the Angels’ love, light and healing.

As a result of reading many books, taking numerous classes, and spending many hours of deep reflection, I began to see that by letting Creator’s messengers into my life, I could transform myself for my highest good.  All of us are meant to be successful and happy and the very best that we can be. I know my life has changed so much by listening to the guidance from my Angels and Spirit guides. My wish is to help you heal, change, shift and grow with messages from your Angels and Spirit guides through an Angel Card Reading, or any of the healing modalities that I can share with you.


Rev. Mary Perry’s Journey

As I started sharing my insights with others through Angel Card Readings, I began my business – Whispers Through The Light.  In 2011 I was guided to begin healing with wings unfurled, which evolved into my new business.  So now, I AM Wings Unfurled and my purpose is to help others discover the love and light inside, through healing with the wisdom that lies deep inside everyone.  An important part of my purpose is to help others unfurl their wings to fly where they have never before, to soar to the heights only love and light can bring.  Come join me in this beautiful journey.

In love, light, peace and joy!

Rev. Mary Perry

Meeting Mary and having her readings has been life changing for me. When I came to her I felt lost, like I had strayed off the path of my life’s purpose. I was full of fear, anxiety, and feeling a lot of doubt about the direction of my life and some choices I had made. I must say, though I believe in angels, I had no experience with an angel reading so I was a skeptic. It has been uncanny how accurate, relevant and impactful her readings are. Everything she says will happen (or that the angels will tell her will happen) comes true with astonishing accuracy and detail. And in all areas of life: love, relationships, business success, family, business partners. I come away from each reading feeling reassured, relieved, confident, energized and having great clarity for the things I need to work on and the direction I need to go. Best of all those feelings of fear and being lost are practically gone. I now have found my life’s purpose with the help of Mary’s readings and feel better than I have in years. Her readings will always be part of my life.” – Kristin