What we want you to know about acceptance is that there is so much more than what appears to you in the physical.

There is something so great outside of yourself that gives the life force you use each and every day. Acceptance is living your life letting this force guide you through the physical moments of each day. Acceptance is knowing who you are and living your core. Acceptance is treasuring the moments on this physical plane even when they hurt knowing the lesson is the important part of the process. Acceptance is living in the moment not wishing your life away. Acceptance is seeing the bigger picture, where all is being orchestrated around you—seeing why you must experience this life in this way-what lesson did the man who cut you off in the car teach you???

Acceptance is gently hearing when we call you in the many ways we call you to step up and place yourself in our hands to move into your life’s purpose. Acceptance is faith and realizing that no matter what happens here in the physical there is a purpose for these actions and so moving closer in the ascension process all the while.

Acceptance is not feeling sorry for yourself when you don’t get your way all the time, when things don’t go your way-moving forward and letting go of the physical and emotions associated with those pains. Realizing you are one with all and finding the God self in everyone accepting all as a link in the chain. Stop fighting, acceptance comes easier, make way for the love we have for you and open to us and all will become clearer. Acceptance for all the love we have for you and for the love to flow from you will become clearer and easier the more you realize the physical is just a path back home.

Thank you.

Channeled to Mary

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