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 Hello, my angel friends. This is Reverend Mary Perry from Wings Unfurled. I am beginning here an angel room meditation for you to get to know your angels, your guides, and your spiritual team. It’s a room you create so that you can go to meet them whenever you do meditation. Thank you for signing in and connecting.

The angels are loving that you are here to connect. You can find more about me on my website. www. wings unfurled. com Thank you for listening. So, my friends, I ask you please to take a deep breath. To pull the breath all the way in from your tummy, all the way down. Feel your shoulders, the air just filling you up inside.

And as you do, as it gets to the top of your shoulders, I invite you to just hold on to it for a second or two. And then as you release, release it all the way down, down, down, down, down to the bottom of your tummy. Let all that air go softly, gently, easily. And keep taking these deep breaths. These breaths are the key to raising your vibration enough.

To meet the angels. So take some more of those deep breaths. Pulling that breath in. And think of it as the breath of love. Pulling love into your being. Into every cell in your body. Just fill it up with that breath of love. Allowing yourself to Take it in, hold onto it for a second, and then release. And as you release, let go of anything that’s troubling you.

Anything that’s less than. Any vibrations that you don’t want to have attached to you today. Just let them go. And as we do this meditation, if you start to have thoughts of the world come in, and we all do that, Just bubble them up. Put them in a little balloon with a string on it and let them float above you.

You can pull them down at another time. You don’t need to do it during the meditation. And so I invite you to just keep taking those beautiful deep breaths. This is so important. And as you take those breaths, just keep coming back, coming back to the breath. Allowing it to just fill you up with beautiful love and light.

Yes, it’s so gorgeous. It’s a beautiful way to help yourself transform your thoughts. Any lower vibrational feelings you have. All the things that are tugging at you from real life and the human side of life. Let that all go right now. Just let it out with that out breath. Just let it go. We don’t need to care about that for this next half hour.

We’re all about the angels right now, friends. Just take those deep breaths. The angels want to connect with you. And I invite you to see yourself in a garden setting. And it is beautiful outside. It’s a sunny day. Bright blue sky, maybe a little bit of white fluffy clouds, but it’s not hot and it’s not cold.

It’s just right as you sit there soaking up the sun out in that garden. There may be some flowers around that you love or ones that you have not experienced ever. Just take note of them as you’re sitting in that garden bench. Just looking around, just being with Mother Earth and the beauty of the day.

As you’re taking those breaths of love in, pulling them deep, deep, deep inside, holding onto them for a second, and then releasing, and with it releasing anything you don’t want to carry anymore. It’s important to let that go. And now as you take those deep breaths, I’m inviting you to maybe stand up and walk through the garden with me.

There’s a pathway off to the right. And we start walking down that pathway and as we go just a little bit We come to a garden gate and we open the gate and walk through We walk out an old road There’s grass grown up along the sides. There’s trees off to the side a little forest There’s still some wildflowers everywhere you go as you walk down that road It is just beautiful The birds are singing as you walk.

They’re happy to see you And as you take in all of that beauty and love, just keep walking down the road, following the road. You can take off your shoes if you’d rather walk barefoot. You don’t have to have your shoes on. You can actually feel the vibrations of Mother Earth coming up through your body and to the bottoms of your feet as you walk.

Even with your shoes on, you feel that? And you just keep on walking, noticing there may be some animals that come to greet you from the sides of the fields. Could be a turtle, it could be a bunny rabbit, it might be a squirrel, who knows. Might be some deer off to the right there I see. And as you acknowledge those beautiful beings of light as well, you just keep on walking.

And as we walk, we’re going to come to a crossroads. And there’s a path to the right and a path to the left. I invite you to take with me the path to the left. But if you don’t want to, you can go to the right as well. It’s up to you. But as we start down the path to the left, the forest gets a little bit more dense.

The trees are a little bit closer together. Not as much as the light from above is getting in, although it’s still trickling through, filtering through the leaves and the trees. And the breeze is still blowing beautifully as you walk down that pathway. And the road actually gets to be more of a path, not a road.

There’s room for you and one other person on that path. And as you keep walking, all of a sudden you feel a presence behind you. And as you look around, you see this gorgeous, big angel walking up behind you. Archangel Michael starts to walk into our presence. You feel him before you see him. His presence is intense.

He’s beautiful. He’s got dark blue robes on, almost an indigo color blue. He’s got a sword and a shield that he always carries. For he is the protector angel. And he brings with him his huge, lovely, beautiful wings. And they’re sticking out from behind him as he walks along the path to catch up with us.

And as we greet Michael, we say, Hello Michael, thank you for being with us this day. We absolutely love that you are here. And as you take another deep breath in, you just feel the aura of safety that he brings. That you are safe where you are. You are safe to do this journey. And he is loving that we are here today.

He wants this connection for all of us. And so, as we, as he catches up and you start to talk with him, tell him your name, introduce yourself, tell him any questions that you may have about how he operates and what is his purpose and how can he help you. Start asking those questions as we continue our walk.

And just keep walking on down that little pathway. The flowers are still on either side. The animals are coming out to check on us every once in a while. They also may be an animal that is your totem that shows up and wants to walk along with you and Michael. It may be one of many different animals. I see mine as an eagle that is flying right above our heads.

And that eagle is just helping us to move forward, just to enjoy this beautiful day, just to bring the majesty of the day to us. And take those deep breaths, still take those deep breaths, don’t forget those. That’s what helps you raise your vibration, so the angel magic can happen. So as you’re talking with Michael, as you’re walking down the road with him, All of a sudden, there’s a split rail fence to your right.

There’s a property back there that you may want to investigate, but the railing is there. So you walk a little further. Michael encourages you to walk a little further. And as you do, you come to an opening in that split rail fence. And to your right, there’s a pathway. And Michael invites you. He says, come with me.

I think you’ll like this. And as we go back that pathway, taking those deep breaths, feel your body really starting to relax. It’s as though, oh my gosh, you’ve come home. And as we walk a little further, the flowers and the grasses start to part and you see a cabin sitting back just a little ways. The cabin has a warm glow.

Through the window that’s on the porch, and there are two rocking chairs sitting on the porch. Just inviting you to come up and have a sit with Archangel Michael. There’s a glass of lemonade on the table between you. That’s for you. And Michael is here to answer your questions and to ask you what you need.

There are so many times in our lives that we don’t ask for what we need, and Michael is here to say he’s here to help, but you need to ask. It’s really, really important. And so, what are we asking him today? What is it that you need the most help on? And so, just ask for that and sit quietly with him for a few moments while he sends the answer.

You may not hear words, but you will feel tingles. And love coming from him in ways that just wash over you. Continue taking those deep breaths. And that’s really, really important, guys. Take the deep breaths. Pulling that breath of love in. Holding on to it and releasing. Michael is here to tell you you are safe and secure.

There is nothing to be afraid of here. And if you are, give that fear to him. That’s one of his most important jobs, by the way. Taking our fears away. So, sit there with him and allow all of that to come in for you today. Allow that to, um, wash over you as you sit there. Feel the sense of peace and the safety and security that comes from Michael having your back.

As we sit there and just enjoy Michael’s energy as he sends the energy to you. It’s as though he’s wrapped his wings around you and you feel a tingling from the tip of your toes all the way to the top of your head. Down your arms to the tips of your fingers. Every cell in your body feels as though it’s alive and different.

In good ways. Feels like you had just the biggest clean out of energy, of anything that was not for your highest and best. Michael has taken that now. He’s transmuting it into light and love and as he does that, new flowers are popping up out in the front yard of this cabin. Different, different than you’ve ever seen before.

Pops of color and flowers that are just so beautiful as he has taken your scariest parts and transmuted those energies into light and love, allowing those beautiful flowers to soothe your soul. And so that’s just a really beautiful thing. And so just sit there sipping your lemonade, enjoying that beauteous.

This piece that comes from looking at these flowers and knowing that Michael’s got your back, and oh my, how could this be any better, can it? Oh yes. Take a few more deep breaths. Michael is going to sit on the porch, but he is inviting you to go to the door of the cabin and take a look inside. So put your hand on the door knob, open the door, and walk through closing the door behind you when you are ready.

And as you walk into this cabin, there is a light. You don’t quite know where it’s coming from, but there’s a light because there is nothing else inside this cabin. It is just a room. It is your room, my friends. So as you start to look around, there’s a couple windows across the way where the breeze is blowing and the air is flowing through.

The breeze is blowing in that light that you saw out that front window on the porch. And so as you start to look around in the cabin, I want you to pull the imagination that you had when you were a child. And how you made up all these beautiful places that you would play in. I did. And so, as we pull on our imagination to design this room, maybe there’s a fireplace.

Maybe there’s a big overstuffed chair for you. Maybe there are bookshelves full of books. Maybe there’s a table where you can sit and journal as you take those deep breaths, start to design what’s inside your room. And guess what? If you don’t like it, you can change it. Don’t get too hooked into what it needs to look like or anything else.

Just start putting some things here, some of your favorite things that you think you would like to have in a room. That’s absolutely a sacred space. Maybe there’s angel statues, maybe there’s crystals. In mine, there’s many crystals and angel statues. It’s all good. And as you find a place where you can go sit, And see this room coming to be.

Just go have a sit down. Mine is in front of the fireplace. And in that fireplace is a roaring fire, but it’s not hot, it’s just beautiful. And there’s candles on the, in all the corners of the room. There’s no electric light, but it’s candlelight and the light from beyond those windows that are across the room.

And that air is still blowing in. It’s nice and cool. It’s not cold. It’s not hot. It’s beautiful. And take those deep breaths. Just allow yourself to take those deep breaths some more. Pulling them in, holding on to them for a little bit, and then letting them go. And as you do that, look down at what’s in your hands.

Is it a crystal? Is it a journal? Are you praying? Are you asking for the angels? Because as you’re sitting there, the curtains flutter a little bit more and all of a sudden there is an angel coming through that window. My friends, this is your guardian angel. They have so wanted to meet with you. They love you.

They’ve been with you forever. And they’re here to help you, to guard you, to help you stay safe. They want to have you acknowledge them. And they want you to know their names so that you can start, if you do not have a relationship, that you can start a relationship with them. So take a look at what the guardian angel is wearing.

What kind of garb do they have on? What kind of wings do they have? Some angels have white, fluffy wings. Some have some that looks like bird wings, like duck feathers, or have that mottled look to them. Some of them have halos. Some of them have different color hairs and eyes. What does yours look like?

Does yours feel as though it’s a female or is it a male? It can be either. Angels are a balance between male and female energy, so Whatever you see is right for you. Now ask them their name. What did you get? Quick, what is your name? Whatever it is you got in that second, even if it’s something that seems very bizarre to you, trust it please.

Trust that that is their name. That you got what you were supposed to. It may be Tom, it may be Andy, it may be Dick, it may be Susan, it may be Esther, who knows? Or it may be Spiritfire. It can be any name. Allow that name to be one that you will now identify with when you call on your guardian angel. When you are in this room and ask your guardian to come.

See that beautiful being appear. Taking that deep breath in. Oh, just keep breathing deeply because we’re not done yet. Your guardian angel is going to help you fix the room up even more. And as they’re flitting around and they’re kind of adding some little touches here and there, I ask you to think about if there’s another angel you would like to meet today.

Because there’s another one coming in that second window right now. I see Archangel Raphael coming in. Archangel Raphael is dressed in green. He is the angel of healing. Archangel Raphael absolutely comes in to bring healing to us in many different ways all the time. If you are having health issues, Archangel Raphael is the angel to ask for help with that.

See him coming to you and pouring green healing light in through your crown chakra. Filling you up with that beautiful green light. Through every cell in your body. Going to where it’s needed most. Just allowing what needs to happen. And let it come in the way it’s right for you. That’s all. It’s okay.

So, if there is something that you would specifically like help with, start to have that conversation with Archangel Raphael. Now is the time. His wings are not big and white and fluffy. They’re smaller and they’re fluffier than Michael’s. It’s as though the feathers are of a shorter length. As I said, his garb is green to me.

And his hair is a sandy brown with blue eyes. That’s how I see him. He also has hands of healing. So for all of us who understand energy healing, Raphael can put his hands on us and heal different parts of our body, or mind, or emotions, or our spiritual self. So whatever it is that you need today, Raphael is here to help you.

Ask him if you want him to put his hands on you on a certain part of your knees hurting or your back’s hurting. Ask him to come and put his hands on you now. And then taking those deep breaths, sit for a minute with this. Let that energy run. Let it just go over every inch of your body, mind, and spirit.

Filling you up. So that as we, when we leave this room, you carry that energy with you and yes, my friends, this is a beautiful way to spend your afternoon, beautifully absorbing the energy of the angels, the healing that our spiritual teams want for us, stepping to new dimensions and new places in our life so that we can.

Bring that beautiful energy back with us. That’s what this is about. This is a safe room to meet your angels. Every time you come back here, you can meet these same angels again, or you can meet different ones. There are many, many, many, many angels that can come and help work with you. As you sit here and enjoy the healing that Raphael is sending you right now Understand that there’s more where this came from.

There are more ways to get to your inner wisdom and your higher consciousness by Meditating and communing with these beautiful beings of light Asking them for help each and every day even if you can’t do this meditation every morning it is really Wise to set your intentions for the day. To welcome in the angels you would like to work with that day.

Just call on them as you’re driving to work. Ask them for their help. Have a conversation with them. Turn the radio off. Hear what they have to say for you. It’s important. And as you take a few more deep breaths as Raphael is finishing with your energies, understand, please, that again, They’re not gone when you leave this room.

They are still with you in different forms and different ways. And so as you leave the room, walking out that door after saying goodbye to your guardian angel and to Raphael, Michael is still out front on the porch. And as you close that door behind you, he asks you how that was. He’s delighted that you made this angel room for yourself today.

And he loves that you’re taking this journey, as do all the angels. And so he offers to walk you back out and towards the rooms where we started. And as you do that, as you step down off the porch, he offers you his hand. And he starts walking with you back down that little path to the main road. And we start walking down that road.

Things still look like they did when we came in. The sun is still shining. The air is breezy and nice and cool. And he’s just asking what you thought. He’s asking for you to understand that this is important. That as you consciously bring this information back with you, more will come. So please, my friends, understand that.

This is a beautiful extension of your spiritual self, connection to higher self, to all the wisdom that that higher self has for you. That’s really what this is about. So as you, perhaps going forward from here, have a meditation where you use this once again to go back in and find your angel room, write down some intentions before you go.

What is it that you desire? What is the deepest question that you have about life? And where you’re going? And what’s going on for you? Ask the angels all of that. It may not come at the outset of the meditation. But pay attention for the next couple of days because the beauty is that the answers come when you’re in divine flow.

When you find that beautiful grace of God in the angels and allow it to lead you forward. That’s what this is about. So as we get closer back to the garden where we started, Michael is going to say his goodbyes to you now. If there is anything else you would like to ask him, please do so now. And if not, thank him for his beautiful journey with us today.

Take some more deep breaths.

And as you sit down on that garden bench, wiggle your toes, your fingers, open your eyes and look around. You’re safe, you’re back where we started, but you’re different. That’s the cool piece. We’re all a little bit different. My friends, when you are ready, come back into your full self and journal. Take a few moments and journal your aha moments, journal your surprises, journal what you saw, journal the feelings that you had, so that you can hold on to that for next time, or for tomorrow, or for an hour from now, when the world gets crazy again.

You are different. and allow that to lead you forward. I send you many blessings for love and light today and always and know that you can always find me through my website www. wings unfurled. com. I am Rev. Mary Perry and my spiritual team, the Elders of Light, thank you for coming on this journey with us today.

Blessings my friends. Love you. Bye.

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