Angel Speak

Just what is Angel Speak?  Why it is the angels whispering words of guidance into your energy fields. It can come with words, feelings, thoughts, pictures, smells or just a knowing. It comes with an inspirational tone, something that makes you want to pay attention. It may come with a thought that you could have not really heard, felt, seen, or known that……….

Soft, caring whispers of ideas that help you find your way to a better life-that is angel speak. It may sound like the voice in your head that sounds like you but it comes with a gentler, softer message. One that is helpful, caring, kind and considerate. It helps you find your way to a life filled with those values. One where you take care of you ALWAYS!

It may come during meditation, after meditation, in your dreams, in your everyday, all day experiences, and it may come while you are connecting with nature.

The important part of this is not to dismiss this guidance. Hear it, feel it, see it and know it…. Then discern if it is right for you now. Don’t dismiss it quickly, the angels have come for a reason and look past any fears you might have to see if it has any valid guidance. Have you been asking for help on a certain issue? Maybe this is part of the answer.

The angels surround us always and they are not allowed to interfere with our lives unless we ask. I believe in the power of angels and have seen miracles occur in my life even when my faith was low. As you begin to question the guidance and using your discernment, you will want to ask more questions. Feel the answers, take your time to sit with the answers and then ask for more clarification if you need it. Most good things in life take time to cultivate and grow, to blossom and to flourish. These angel messages are just like that. They understand that in your time and space you want the answers right now, but in Divine timing they see the answers coming in the right time and space. Believe that!

We are true spiritual beings having a human experience and with that experience comes many lessons. Let the lessons flow, understand that it is never personal and just another something we need to understand.

The angels see your struggle and want to help you move forward easier. The purpose here is to move forward without struggle. Ask for that. Ask for the help you desire. It is there for you ALWAYS! Just use a little patience to see it come in the way that is perfect for you!

So for today, listen for the Angel Speak…..  Know it is there!

Rev. Mary Perry

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