Ascension: Are You Ready?

Dear ones, what is there to be ready for? You have asked for this lifetime of beauty and joy to experience Mother Earth as she herself ascends. Such physical changes will come for one and all whether ready or not. To be ready you must be in connection with Mother Earth and your Creator from which all comes. That is the only experience you need to bring with you.

With this time of ascension, the dualities are felt much more firmly. This beautiful Earth plane is one filled with the dualities of negative and positive. This is the lifetime you have asked for so embrace all the vibrations as they fill your life each day. Embrace and understand that the less than positive vibrations just need to float on by; that you can choose not to hold onto them as they come into your lives. You can choose to hold yourself above those vibrations in the more positive notes.

What is ascension? It is an upward motion. Are you not in motion all the time? So choose that your vibrations move upward as you too radiate energy out into the universe. You receive many messages during each day through the internet, television; radio and encountering other human beings and other beings that also walk your earth. All of these vibrations received from these society conditionings guide you and look for you to react and send out vibrations of your own. If you answer with a negative reaction than you are helping to build the negative duality portion of this universe and if you choose to react positively you are helping pour more love and light into the world.

There is a story that goes like this:

A man who lived in a small village went to his Rabbi and told him he was moving to the next village and he wanted to know what the people in that village were like. The Rabbi asked him “How do you find the people in this village to be?” The man answered, “All the people are mean and not at all friendly, and why do you think I want to move?” The Rabbi told him then that he would find the people in the new village the same.

Later on that same day another man asked the Rabbi the same question and the Rabbi asked the man the same question back—“How do you find the people in this village to be?” This man answered that the people were wonderful and loving, very friendly and helpful and that was why he was struggling with his decision to move. The Rabbi then told him that that is just what he would find in the new village.

Finding joy in your surroundings is the most important thing you can do each day. Choose to ascend with the positive vibrations each day, let them pour over your bodies like the blood that runs in your veins. How simple is it to see all the good and the miracles that happen to you each day. It is just as easy to react to those positive vibrations as it is to dwell in those negative places. Make the choice NOW!

So much is being written of the ascension and the happenings around 2012. You began the ascension process the day you were born and you are just feeling the quickening of the energies around you as more and more is being made known about the past. What will come is already written, however when you choose the higher vibrations you can make the changes come a little easier. Everything you need is contained within your heart. If you follow the direction your heart leads you to then everything will work the way it is supposed to. You are the light that shines brightly each and every second of every day and the more that you connect to that light, than the easier the ascension process will be on you. Keeping yourself clean and clear is essential so do the work you need to heal and clear your chakras. Your heart will lead you to the way to do that. Just be quiet, connect and listen.

So dear ones, during this time of change that we have asked to experience, we need to choose which side of the duality we want to work through—the positive or the negative. Choosing to live with only seeing the negative things that happen to you leaves you mucking through lower vibrations. Choosing to see each experience as positive and a lesson brings you to living in gratitude and joy. Which do you think affects the world and it ascension? Both do.

Take today, connect to Mother Earth and to Creator, thank them for all of the blessings in your life. There are many, acknowledge them and more will come.

Journey well dear ones….

Blessings of kindness, grace, light and love are yours today as always.

“The Angels of Kindness and Grace”

Rev. Mary Perry
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