Approaching 68

                                      Approaching 68

                                                                          Birthday Wisdom


68? My mind races with this thought! I can’t be 68 already. Surely, that is not right. Yup, let me check the math—no it’s right. I don’t feel that old, it used to feel really old to me if someone I knew was 68. How do I claim this year? I am claiming it with joy, love, and peace. Wow, that is different but refreshing. Dang, wish I was this wise at 60, 50, and 30… 

Life has not always been easy. So many challenges in my life and I feel as though I have had five different lifetimes. A friend recently commented that she admired me for the positivity that I bring to life. Is there another way to approach life? It escapes me to go to the lower side of life, embracing the negative and letting it drive me forward.

I choose to find the light, the love, and the way forward with that energy. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes get lost in the dark but it doesn’t last long. Years ago, it did and they were some of my darkest days. Lost in depression at giving up a child for adoption, and helping to take care of my abusive father when he had cancer and was dying were just two of the events that had me looking at the darker side of life.

However, here I am, approaching 68 and living a good life. Are there things I would change? Of course but I am so grateful for where I am and what I have in my life. Gratitude is key to moving forward with love and light. I feel blessed to have children in my life that I love, a relationship with a beautiful soul who loves me back, and a family that I love. As I sit writing, I am listening to an angel playlist and hearing the song, Little Wonders by Rob Thomas. It talks about LETTING GO.

Letting go of the past is not always easy and I see when some of my clients cannot let go, it gets in the way of their being in the present and seeing the miracles that surround them. That is not living. Make sure that you are present in your life. Make sure that you see the blessings as they flow into your life. These miracles come and sometimes people do not recognize them as blessings or miracles. When you are present, every moment counts and you joyously look forward to the next! That is my choice; I want to live with joy and love. I want more of that! It’s that simple, as living with joy and love brings more of that into your life.  Yes, please!

As I approach this birthday, I feel my world becoming larger and sending more of all that I desire! How cool is that? I can’t even tell you what that is right now but I know it feels good instead of worrying about being 68…

Wisdom is expressing that the numbers are just numbers and feeling old is a lower energy thought that I choose not to accept, so I will dance and skip, (even if only in my mind) and bring positive thoughts to everyone I meet. As I embrace the young-hearted soul I am, then I am living my best life. It does not mean I will do the wild, crazy physical activities I did in my 20s but my soul will embrace those memories with joy.

For my birthday, I will eat crabs, on my deck out back viewing nature, which feeds me so many gifts. I will listen to my angels after a meditation. I will do a creative activity that I have been longing to have time to do. Sounds perfect to me, 68 here I come; I hope you are ready for ME!

Rev. Mary Perry

Wings Unfurled

May 31, 2023

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