How is your life going right now? Life is sometimes difficult to manage, and we can get caught up in all of the drama. Is that true for you as well? But is it real? Are we seeing situations accurately or just feeling out of control and feeling bogged down with it all? We can […]

It’s All About Love

  I am moved to words this morning as this day of LOVE brings reminiscences of times past. Love is how I vow to walk the earth each day with the new sun rising. Love feels so deep and is not just the love between humans or pets. It is the Divine essence of our hearts. […]


What am I dreaming of today? What do I want to put into the world today? What feelings am I choosing today?

Goodbye 2023

I don’t know about you, but I am happy to say goodbye to 2023. I am grateful for the lessons it brought, and I am ready to move on in ways that embrace all that I am in new ways. How about you? Was 2023 a year to remember? For me, it was a year […]

Following the Breadcrumbs

Following the Breadcrumbs Finding Purpose Finding PurposeMany breadcrumbs have presented themselves to me over the years that I have been doing this work. What do I mean? Well, people, books, spiritual ideas, and classes have all presented themselves to me as the next-best most significant idea ever! Did I always follow them? Sometimes yes with […]

Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior I AM a peaceful warrior. I AM offering peace with every movement during this day and with every word, I offer peace. It is a gentle way to help heal our world yes, easy and gentle is what this day calls forth. My soul yearns to see changes in our world and yet, […]


Healing Today my friends, I am pondering about the word, HEALING. What is it and how does it happen? Who does the healing? Doctors, nurses, healers? How does sound affect our processes of healing? Is there really an inner healer inside our bodies, mind and spirit that knows how to help us heal? When I […]

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Your energy is a vibration that is set long before, you embody this incarnation. It has a signature that Source, Creator, God or the Angels recognize when they see, feel, and hear it. Everyone on your earth plane has one, some are a denser vibration than others are, and some are not in […]

What is Seraphim Blueprint?

What is Seraphim Blueprint? Seraphim Blueprint is an ancient system of energy healing that existed in the day of Atlantis. It existed then and was used for about 600 years but as Atlantis civilization faded so did the usage of these energies. After that, these energies were again used around 50 A.D by the Hebrews. […]


Healing What is the meaning of the word healing? Healing can mean: healing from injury or disease, to make sound or whole, to make well again. It can also mean to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome, or to restore to original purity or integrity or to return to a sound state. So now […]

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