2017 Angelic Message

2017 Angelic Message Dear Ones, The world lights up from your light. We see the pulsing of your energies as they connect to the grid and make it brighter. It is a beautiful thing! You are living in such an important time and we bless you for choosing to witness the changes in your world. […]

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016  have waited today to write this message, although it has been floating through my mind all week. I wanted to have the perfect words to tell you of my gratitude for all of you in my life, but I realized that as I send this with LOVE, the perfect words are born and […]

December 2015 Blessings

December 2015 Blessings Today I am perfect for I see my perfection of just being here right now. It is amazing and I am grateful for the vision that is being presented to me this day. I ask dear God to remain in this beautiful energy and see my soul shining. It feels great to […]


Teacher As I hit a milestone birthday this year in June, I have spent the past few months wondering what my purpose is and how to fulfill it. Yes, I still have those thoughts just like many of you. Am I on track or do I need to change something? What I came up with […]


Judgment Judgment can be a difficult lesson to learn. It pops its head up and sneaks in on you when you are not paying attention. Many of you have been conditioned by your religions, families and society to play this role and judge everything around you. Judging actions, words and yourself is an act of […]


Forgiveness Why forgiveness? Forgiveness is a block to your getting into the flow of the Divine. It stops you from walking forward and holds you hostage to energies that do not serve you. So many of you say so often—I’m sorry. It comes out easily and yet are you truly feeling the emotion of forgiveness? […]

Life Purpose

Life Purpose So many questions come from you earth beings about your life  purpose…. Your purpose is to be, to exist here on the earth plane learning the lessons you signed up for.  And through learning those lessons, seeing through the illusions to remember who you are… As a soul in the void, you were […]

Angel Speak

Angel Speak Just what is Angel Speak?  Why it is the angels whispering words of guidance into your energy fields. It can come with words, feelings, thoughts, pictures, smells or just a knowing. It comes with an inspirational tone, something that makes you want to pay attention. It may come with a thought that you […]

Spring Clearing for the Soul

Spring Clearing for the Soul A seed thirsty for nourishment allows its roots to grow deeper into the earth to find what it needs. So do our souls as we look and go forth in this world. Find the nourishment for your soul by listening during meditation, prayer, walking out in nature, or by consciously […]

Chillin’ on a Sunday Afternoon

Chillin’ on a Sunday Afternoon Hello dear ones, We are here to bring you greetings of light and love on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Spring is almost here and the bubbles of life are testing the waters where you are—in your soul—are you ready to spring forward and jump with all the gusto you have? […]