Chillin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Hello dear ones,

We are here to bring you greetings of light and love on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Spring is almost here and the bubbles of life are testing the waters where you are—in your soul—are you ready to spring forward and jump with all the gusto you have? Do not be afraid dear ones, we are here to hold you high and catch you as you fly upward…

For most of the United States, this winter has been tough, grueling almost but necessary to dig up from the inner most depths, all that needs to be re-done, a rebirth for you and your soul calling. The times have changed and more of you are now awakened to the reality that what has been in the past has not worked and that the time of change is here. What does that mean and how does that affect you? Well, the energies of what is swirling around in the universe ALWAYS affects you, so some of what you are and have been feeling are just reactions of your physical bodies infusing the energies of Mother Earth. Life is change, is it not?  It is how you perceive it that matters. Try to step back from the pain, the anger, and the negativity to allow yourself to step high upon the eagle’s wings to soar above and see the bigger picture. It looks very different from up there. Sometimes as you hold onto the pain of a hurt, you cannot see outside of yourself. When you take the higher perspective, sometimes what you are holding onto tightly does not matter anymore. Just let it go and feel the difference in your energy. It is immediate and the ripple is felt far and wide.


Your consciousness is part of a greater whole, what you feel and do has an effect on all, know this, we see this from the higher perspective and it is absolutely astounding as the energy of one enters the grid and helps to brighten the light of your planet and the universe. Even if you cannot come at your life from this perspective at all times, it is important to do this some of the time. Your world is changing and you with it, your energies are more fluid and there is a crystal energy that is also developing inside each and every one of you. This crystal energy is calling forth wisdom from times past and you are processing some of this energy each and every day.


We ask you to have patience with yourself, and with others you encounter. It is important to look at every soul you meet with eyes of love and understanding. You know not their troubles, and have not walked in their shoes. If every one of you looks around and acknowledges others in this way, this awakening would speed up even more. It will happen either way, but you can make it easier on yourself by looking with eyes of love at all.  


Remember dear ones, you chose this life, for the experiences it would bring, now choose to remember who you are and as you move to the awakened state of consciousness know you are affecting the change this planet, universe and all of its sentient beings have been waiting for.

We congratulate you on a job well done and ask you to look outside yourself to see the ripple effect you have on the earth, we ask you to look inside yourself to remember the love you are and we ask you to look with love toward all others to bring the light into the world even stronger.


God Bless and Keep You!

We are here with you always!


“The Elders of Light”

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