December 2015 Blessings

Today I am perfect for I see my perfection of just being here right now. It is amazing and I am grateful for the vision that is being presented to me this day. I ask dear God to remain in this beautiful energy and see my soul shining. It feels great to see the light that I have expanding from me without fear and judgement. True joy shines through and I sparkle with the Divine. It is amazing!

I have always searched for something deeper and to become a better person.

What I did not understand is that I am already there. I may search for more life experiences but not to become a better person. I AM already there! I came into this world perfect in God’s reflection. I then listened to my parents, teachers and my religion and began to see that I needed to change, not experience who I was but to make that soul better. My soul knows who I am and what experiences I need to fulfill my purpose. I need to step aside and let it happen.  Many of us chase that life purpose and do it with controlling our destiny.  What if we are already doing just what we are supposed to without controlling what happens? What if the purpose of being here on this planet is to experience the polarity of life here?  It is not good or bad, right or wrong, but we can ALWAYS choose what we want to experience next in this life. It just is…  Can we accept that we always have a choice to react and to choose to be happy, not sad, and to honor our perfection the way that is right for us?

I believe that we are being asked right now to see the ONENESS we share, all religions, races and ethnicities all have the same light inside and we are all here to share these experiences. We have agreed on a soul level to help each other have those experiences here on Earth. Thank you for agreeing to be here to reflect my shadow and light, for showing up to help the experiences move me along and keep my light shining. For even in my shadow times, my light still shines. It is there waiting for me to see it. I have had a desire to others to “SEE ME” but today I realize that I NEED to “SEE MYSELF” in all my glory and Divine Love.

I don’t know exactly what or why we have come to this planet now, but part of me believes that we are here to witness something spectacular with the ascension process of Mother Earth.  I am so grateful for all sentient beings that are here with me now. I LOVE YOU ALL! It is the Christ Consciousness love that I send, not judgment, not fear but acceptance of who you are just where you are in your journey. I honor you and from this moment forward, I send love ALWAYS!

I feel at peace now, peace of the Divine settling into my bones, deeply comforting and aligning all that was discordant with my energies. I choose to be in balance with all of this human existence in all ways now. I AM grateful!

My wishes for you are that you find your peace, whatever that is, to bless your being and honoring the Divine love that shines from you, and that your journey is as easy as you can allow.

In light, love, peace and joy!

Rev. Mary

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