Unfurl Your Wings and Soar!

The angels are welcoming you to come to a place where you trust and understand their messages.

Listen, trust and feel the love and help they send. It is always there and as you start listening more, you develop trust in the messages your mentors send.

As your guide, I will help you add to your spiritual toolbox and to develop your intuition or your "clair" senses.
Many people who want to connect to their Angel Mentors may feel as though they have lost their way.
Have you experienced feeling lost and disconnected?
  • Are feeling confused and unsure what messages you get or what they mean?
  • Do you want to feel surrounded and connected with a higher source?
  • Do you feel overwhelm at the world around you and you don’t know how to respond?
Come with curiosity and leave with a growing spiritual sense of who you are and who walks with you to help you live a life filled with love and joy.
 As your guide I will encourage and help you discern what messages you get and how to interpret the information they provide.  

Six Month Program

Benefits You Receive:

  • Two ninety-minute private Zoom sessions each month, which will be recorded and a link provided to you so you can revisit the meditation.
  • Invaluable insight into how you get your messages.
  • Learning discernment to help you move forward with a deeper spiritual awareness.
  • Playing with the angels so you can discover what angels are part of your Angel Mentor team.
  • Learning to read angel cards to get messages.
  • Learning what “Clair” (intuitive senses)  is strongest for you.
  • Finding out about other guides that work with you-Master Teacher, Doctor, Joy and Protector Guides.
  • Are you ready to commit to a regular practice of meditating, journaling, and exploration of your inner wisdom? 
  • There will be some angel play, not homework for you to work on in the time inbetween our sessions. This program gives you great insight and the more you put into practice, the more the universe sends you exactly the messages and help you desire.
Are you ready to commit to a regular practice of meditating, journaling and exploration of your inner wisdom?

What is
the Cost?


It is a priceless investment into yourself and one of the most self-caring adventures you might ever take!

And you can save $285 when you pay $1,497 upfront! Or you can choose to pay $297 monthly.Registration link is below.


Why am I offering this program? 

I see many of my clients wanting to feel more
connected to their Angel Mentors and
developing my connection with my Angel Mentors
led to the biggest changes in my life.  My Angel
Mentors want me to help with that.

There I was, in 1996, grieving the loss of my father and in an unhappy marriage wanting to make something more of my life. Can you relate to any of those feelings? When the angels came to me in 1996 my life changed.  The changes were over time, not all at once and became a comfortable way to grow and thrive. They became my best friends and moved in to help me  along the way to live more fully from my heart and to step into my soul purpose of helping others. It been the wonderful and magical time. And definitely worth it!

Sound good to you? Great!
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Monthly Subscription,
6 months, $297/month

Full Payment
(save $285!)

I would love to have a chat with you to answer any questions.