Do You See Me?

I am here standing before you in the light.

At five I was curious, happy and so full of light. My voice cries out but no one is listening.

No one hears.

I grow slipping from year to year, anonymously being a good girl and at a tender young age–

Someone listened–she heard my words speaking gently to her as that beautiful baby girl in my belly grows. She hears and cries out to me feeling the pain of knowing the greatest of unconditional love but that it will soon end.

Life changed after her birth. There was a wall of pain that engulfed me and still does and yet I protected her the only way I knew, to give her care over to others.

So young and yet full of wisdom, knowing the right thing to do.

What would love do?

Love would hold me tightly, protecting my dreams and help me to see the possibility of love, and not let me see the shame that was laid at my feet by my parents and family. It would not let me feel the guilt of decisions made.

Love would keep the dreams alive and with the light the flower would bloom and grow touching the universe with her beauty.



More the question–


Who do I see in this body now–much older and worn and yet beautiful with its wrinkles and bulges and wisdom of life’s lessons. Housing the unconditional love I walled up that day long ago-but still shining through chinks in that wall.

It is time for the wall to come down and for the beautiful secret garden to be shared!

The possibilities are endless…

What would love do? It would share the warmth of that light with herself and let others join in.

I forgive myself and set myself free!

I love myself in all ways!

I am grateful for the experiences in getting here!

I love my life!

I have so much to give myself–my heart is full of the WORTH I bring to my life.

I am beautiful in so many ways.

I see me in all of my glory!

Give yourself the miracle of the love that is you today–allow yourself to see the awesome creation of God that is you! You are the love of your life, don’t let anyone tell you different! Once you recognize that love and allow yourself to bask in it, it will shine from every cell to all those you meet. That light is contagious and will carry you far on your journey. Take the steps today to begin a new step on your journey–the journey back to LOVE!

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