What am I dreaming of today? What do I want to put into the world today? What feelings am I choosing today? Am I happy, sad, angry, curious, loving, kind, or am I stuck in the stubbornness of my ego thoughts?

I am dreaming of Divine Flow where life is a beautiful cascading water flow of love, kindness, and joy! I desire to be in a place where nothing is forced but my deepest desires are met even before I think of them. Can that happen? I believe so. I see others moving and shaking their world with what they think they need to bring out into the world. I desire to listen to the magic inside and bring what the world needs most at the time. I hear that the world needs more loving kindness and joy. We are all working so hard that we forget that magic many times. We all have it, but many times we move over it quickly and do not allow it in. I am open to receive all that is my Divine birthright. How about you? Are you ready to receive it?

How can I choose how I respond to the day? Is that true? If some action brings me to anger or frustration is that wrong? It is not what I want to feel. Here is the thing, feelings are ALL valid even when they are not what you desire. If you get lost in anger or frustration, that is where you have a choice to shift and release them. You do not need to hold onto to them. It is simply recognizing the feeling and saying to the Divine that you want to release it. It is that simple, however, our egos think there must be a deeper reason that it came and we need to work hard to release it and we must carry it for some time because it cannot be easily released. When the lower vibration feelings come to us, it sometimes is simply a request to acknowledge them and then move to a higher frequency. If someone you love and care about made you angry about an action, maybe it is as simple as having a conversation with them to let them know your boundaries around their action. While driving, if you experience an aggressive driver, why does that anger you? Maybe you just need to move to a sacred space and bless them for they know not what they do. We do not walk in their shoes and don’t know what is going on, our feelings about that action may more be about not being in control over the roadways. You drive safely, and why others do not is hard to understand.

So now we begin to understand why we sometimes get lost through the day when feelings hit us at random times. It does not need to shake you from your vibration of loving kindness and compassion though.

Here on February 1, we bring the energy to feel the sacredness of the process of life. We are celebrating the fire element which is a perfect way to let go of the old, unconscious feelings we all carry, me included. We all planted seeds of desires at the Winter Solstice that have been incubated and nourished deep within ourselves. It is time to witness the growth that is beginning to sprout through the deep cozy inner self. Let the seeds begin to see the light that is now brighter and welcome those new ideas to life.  

Begin each new day with your prayers to the Divine in the way that is right for you. I love saying prayers out loud, it helps me feel the meaning and vibration. I welcome my guides, angels, loved ones, and Divine energies each morning. Sometimes that is in the shower, sometimes in meditation, and sometimes it is just in my mind. I ask my Source to have me take sacred steps each day. Sacred brings me a feeling of the true vibration of love, Divine love that we each hold. I understand that this is my first point of connection each day and that is so important. When I do not find this connection, I can move through the day feeling lost. Not fun at all. I love having the guidance I do to support me and help me at all the turns life can present to us. It is why I can support my clients and friends in the way I do.

I have not done my vision board for this year as yet. I am sitting with my desires allowing them to be anchored in Divine love. I will create my vision board in the next few weeks. I have not found my word for this year either. It is not important when you do these things but when you are guided to bring them to life. I will allow Divine guidance and my angel friends to channel what I need to create for this beautiful year.


So, for today, February 1, 2024, I am suggesting gently that if these ideas feel good to you, perhaps you begin something new or return to something old in new ways. Start your days with the Divine Source that is inside us all, say your prayers, and ask for your daily guidance. Ask to step into the sacred steps that will bring your conscious self to a new awareness of the world around you. And maybe, just maybe, think about doing a vision board or finding a word to guide you through 2024. And if this all brings you a feeling of joy, so be it, dance to that music. It will take you into March on the wings of the angels.

Love and Light to all of you reading this post.

My team, The Elders of Light, and I send the blessings of love to you ALL!


Rev. Mary

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