Embrace Divine Grace


How do we embrace Divine Grace? My definition of Divine Grace is the flow of life from the spiritual perspective. It is a place of flow where your higher power sends you the experiences written in your soul blueprint. I searched the internet for the meaning and mostly found bible references. That was not what I was looking for.

It is a place of beauty and love, and a place where you flow through your days and nights. It brings joy and peace to your life if you allow and surrender. It is also sometimes challenging lesson experiences.  It is where you begin to see the synchronicities as purposeful occurrences rather than coincidences.

It can be easy to acknowledge but more often than not, our human ego wants to control the experiences we have. Can you begin to surrender more?

Our physical world right now is about control, who has the most wins, and who is right. Does that feel good to you?  That is the human side of Divine Grace. It is making choices to control what happens to and for us. It becomes listening to our egos advice and not inspiration from above.

Our egos are here to help us stay safe. Please love your ego but check in to make sure you are not listening entirely to it. It will send you messages that say, “I think…”   The inspirational messages that come from your higher self say, “I feel…”  When we say, “I feel” we come a place inside our hearts.

What if? It’s a great question to ask yourself. Can you surrender to the bigger picture in life? Surrender the control of how something happens for you. What if the result is not exactly what you thought would happen?

What if what comes is ten times better than what you had imagined? What if after having amazing results from letting go and allowing you begin to practice the art of surrender. The human ego lessons we have learned about surrender is that it is not a positive thing.

There are times I have tunnel vision and find myself stuck on getting something done. Even when it is not working well. I keep on trying. Then there are times when I walk away from that project to take a step back, a deeper look and ask for guidance. When I do that, I usually receive a beautiful message showing me a way of doing the project in an easier way.

This is what Divine Grace can bring to you. A flow of energy to help you live your human life. It does not have to be hard to live your life. With surrender to Divine Grace and your spiritual team, you can find the help to flow.

For me, Divine Grace is finding that flow; yes, I feel that we need to connect to see it. Connection to your spirit team is an important part of finding your connection to Divine Grace. Each of us has an entry point; recognizing that it exists is an important first step. Divine Grace can be different for all of us. It does not look the same during different times in our lives.

I grew up Catholic and after getting married in 1975, I really felt that church was not right for me. I call myself a recovering Catholic to this day. When I left the church, I also left my belief in God and for me; I was not listening to Divine Grace at all!

I was unhappy but chalked it up to a new marriage and being out of my family home. I was married for 22 years and during that time; I had many times when I wished my life were different.

Now I see that my traumatic childhood had left me damaged and doubtful about God. After seeking counseling along the way and beginning to heal from my hurts, I still did not seek to put Divine Grace back in my life. I was healing all the logical thoughts about how I saw my life. I did not go to my heart for I was not allowing anything that did not seem to be in my control.

Then in 1996, I found the angels after my Dad’s passing. As I started asking for their help and listening to the messages that appeared, I began to see that in my earlier life, I would go down on my knees in times of deep despair asking God to fix some problem I was having.

What I found is that by asking my higher power to be with me each day to help me flow through life, those times of deep despair became less and less important.

Divine Grace had entered my life in blessed ways to bring miracles of healing. Surrendering to Divine Grace is not always easy and if you want to try this, consciously ask your spiritual team every morning to lead you on the path of Divine Grace.

If you have any questions or would like some help in connecting to your spiritual team, I am here to help. The angels are a beautiful first step on your journey or a way to deepen your spiritual practice. Let’s connect.

Rev. Mary Perry and The Elders of Light

September 27, 2021