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Find Your Voice Save Your Life 3

Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 3

We are so excited to be a partner with Dianna Leeder in the third of her series.


In Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 3, Mary’s chapter speaks to how her voice became quiet during a really dark time in her life, and how the voice came back during her healing process.She talks about how giving her daughter up for adoption at age 16 was the hardest thing she ever did. After the 5 month adventure at an unwed mothers home in Philadelphia, Mary returned home where it was never talked about again. It took until she was 40 and looked to healing herself after her Dad’s passing that her voice came back.

We all have traumas that we experience over the years and as we shut down so does our voices. Empowering ourselves to talk about the traumas and heal them is so important. and we want to make sure you don’t miss our chapter on Loving Every “Mistake”,  How to Forgive and Heal Your Heart.


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