Following the Breadcrumbs Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose
Many breadcrumbs have presented themselves to me over the years that I have been doing this work. What do I mean? Well, people, books, spiritual ideas, and classes have all presented themselves to me as the next-best most significant idea ever! Did I always follow them? Sometimes yes with perhaps regrets later but most of the time I followed with my Angel Mentor’s guidance. When I had that as my bookmark, the next-best idea usually worked out for the best. I say to you to, please use discernment when choosing teachers and classes. Not everyone is for all of us. In addition, if someone tells you it is their way or the highway, please walk or run to the nearest exit. As a teacher, I welcome guiding you for a bit on your journey but if what or how I embrace my spirituality does not resonate with you; I bless you and send you on your way.

For me, learning is exciting and I long to learn something new all the time. Even before I was in the spiritual work that I do now, I was always taking a non-credit class at the community college. I learned to make baskets, macramé, and paint. I eagerly poured over the offerings each year, planned my fall and spring nights with these classes, and enjoyed meeting new friends in the classes. After the awakening I had in 1996, I even found spiritual classes at the community college. Some of my first spiritual teachers taught non-credit classes at the community college.

When I found that I could hear angel’s guidance and had for many years, I was excited beyond my wildest dreams and wanted to learn more about the angels. I took classes, had readings from angel readers, and books, oh my, the books that came my way. I would go to Barnes and Noble and the books would fall off the shelf. OK, I get it; I need to read this book! To me, this was one way to hear the angels. Now 20 years later, I have many books as resources for others and myself.

I also adore Oracle cards and I own many decks, some I read with and some I use for myself. I love the energy the authors put into each deck, as they each come with healing words and intentions. I have the intention to create my deck at some point. It’s coming. In addition, it feels like a natural progression for my business, as it is to fulfill a dream and part of my purpose.

I started with Following the Breadcrumbs, Finding Purpose as the title of this blog. I have shown you how I have followed the breadcrumbs over the years but how did it lead me to my purpose? For me, curiosity was seeking and searching always, one book, class, or someone evoked in me the next question, and with curiosity, I explored. It started there and over the years, it was uncovering and healing at the deepest inner core levels. I wanted to be the best I could be always and so with love went on to explore more.

I started meditating and wow, the power of that as it unfolded was amazing. Answers that had eluded me were now coming to me with the wisdom of the Divine. Through meditation and journaling, I was uncovering the trauma that had haunted my earliest years on this planet and as I uncovered and then healed at those deepest places, the breadcrumbs would come for the next steps.

My purpose has been an ongoing look at who and what I am at my deepest levels. I started with wanting to help people. Simple, right? Well how, when, and why would people come to me for help? As I helped myself, the answers came on how to help others. I wanted to bring the angel energy for others to experience. That is how Angel Readings and Healings’ purpose was born. Then I began the journey to see myself as the love that I AM. It was difficult for me to understand why people liked and loved me. I did not know how else to live in the world. I loved everyone, was easygoing, and had trouble understanding when others were not that way. Through time and deep looks inside, I began to understand that people trusted me and saw through my earth-girl exterior to my inner love and light. Something I sometimes did not see for myself. I do now!

I was living my life and doing my work and in a meditation on a Trinity Table in 2012, I had an experience where I was with Master Jesus on a hillside under a tree, and on his lap, he worked on healing my innermost critic and helped me see that love is the answer. I did not want to leave him and told him that. He answered that I was to come back here and teach people about LOVE! Well, nothing like a mission to lead you forward! I came back and since that day, I realized that through my angel work, I am here to teach love. Sometimes it is in the form of words, sometimes in the unspoken compassion I offer to all, and sometimes it is in the form of the example I set by my actions. I start each day by asking to BE LOVE!

Does that help you understand how I got here? Does that create curiosity for you on how you discover your purpose and mission? Let’s talk and see if the angels can bring clarity to you! When you allow the angels to guide your way, life changes for the good. It does take a bit of work to trust the messages but it is worth it. Life does become easier and you begin to find joy. I found myself smiling to myself all day today for no good reason. I love that!

If you would like to chat with me about how the angels can help you, please reach out for an Angelic Care Call. It is a 15-minute call to see how the angels might help you.


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