Why forgiveness? Forgiveness is a block to your getting into the flow of the Divine. It stops you from walking forward and holds you hostage to energies that do not serve you.

So many of you say so often—I’m sorry. It comes out easily and yet are you truly feeling the emotion of forgiveness? Are you letting go of the story? You still have the story stored in your system and the energy ties to it can be strong. It is not about the action or the story.

Forgiveness is not about the other person. It is ONLY about you and releasing the energy bonds to the action that caused the issue to begin with.

No one else can make you feel anything-please realize that when someone does something that causes anger, resentment or hurt feelings it is a mirror to look at yourself to see why this action has caused these emotions to rise. Your reaction to the other person is all on you. There are not many people in your world that would act on purpose just to bring on the negativity of anger and resentment. Most people act out of wanting and stepping into a situation that they think best. No one looks at life in the same ways, you are all individuals walking your path and learning your lessons in the way that is right for you. Leave room for others to walk in their lives without your judgment for just because it is not how you would do or say does not mean it is not right.

All of the lessons you learn on this earth plane of existence are just lessons in learning about illusion. While it may feel real at the moment, it does not truly matter in the bigger picture. When the earth plane is filled with loving, kind people who understand that Divine love is all that matters, then your lives will change.

Imagine that someone you love has hurt your feelings and you become angry and disillusioned with the person. Instead of forgiving them so that you can walk forward, you hold onto the emotions and the actions and keep thinking about it over and over. You wait for the other person to come and say they are sorry when they do not even know they have hurt you. The relationship falls apart because you are not willing to step forward and own your feelings. How do you resolve this? How do you forgive? You simply start by saying “I forgive you, and I set myself free”. You keep saying this over and over every time you think about the situation. You journal about the feelings that keep bubbling up about the event. You may end the relationship if you feel that is right for you. Make sure you are ending it because the relationship does not support you in the way you desire and that you are not coming from anger.

Forgiveness frees your hearts to grow and expand with the Divine light that lives inside of each one of you. This light shines brighter when you release these feelings of anger and negativity. Your only job is to move forward one step at a time in your life—to embrace where you are and to walk your sacred path. The one that leads you home. Forgiveness is powerful!

“The Elders of Light”

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