I don’t know about you, but I am happy to say goodbye to 2023. I am grateful for the lessons it brought, and I am ready to move on in ways that embrace all that I am in new ways.

How about you? Was 2023 a year to remember? For me, it was a year of curious wondering thoughts and a feeling of disconnection as I worked through health issues. I am grateful for all that I learned, and I am grateful to feel as though I am moving forward once again.

This time of year, I am always in a thoughtful place wondering about moving forward and allowing myself to embrace all that I have learned in big ways.

Can I say, I LOVE CHRISTMAS? I enjoy the decorations, the lights, and most of all the feeling of family. I understand that some of us don’t have those memories from growing up in less-than-perfect families, however, my family life at Christmas was magical. My Mom loved Christmas and although money was not always flowing, she always made it magical, I do not know how. One of my favorite Christmases was when at age 5, I received a fairy wand. It was a star with glitter and a tube that held the star. I knew I could do magic….   If I can find the picture, I will post it with this blog post. It always makes me smile. It is still who I am inside. I bring that child with me in everything I do.  

The Christmas decorations and lights were always a biggie for me. In the 1980s, I was painting, and now I am delighted to pull my painted items out of their boxes to come out to play with me at Christmas. With tole painting, I painted many pictures and wood items. Christmas was my favorite theme to paint. I loved bringing the piece to life and at the time, I was finding a way to meditate through painting even though I did not know it at the time. My Christmas tree is filled with mostly angels, imagine that!

My other favorite for Christmas was the food my mom prepared lovingly. Mom baked cookies from Thanksgiving to Christmas along with Nut Rolls, homemade sweet bread, and cinnamon rolls. It was amazing and I have spent my life looking for familiar tastes but never found it, the secret was the love she put into everything she made. One year we made 90 nut rolls as she gave them away to anyone who visited over the holidays as well as the family and neighbors. Being a diabetic, I no longer make cookies, and yet my kitchen finds many goodies there this morning anyway.

Christmas was always a time for family to gather. Christmas Eve brought my dad’s family, sometimes 20 or more people who came to enjoy a traditional Slovakian dinner that my mom prepared. As a child, I did not enjoy it, and I joyfully washed all the dishes so we could get to opening presents. It was a baked stuffed flounder, creamed kidney beans, little bread balls that would have warm water to soften them, and then poppy seeds on some, sauerkraut on others. I liked the mashed potatoes and green beans but that was about it. And no, there was nothing special made for me, so I made it through the meal. Cookies and nut rolls were the dessert along with Grasshopper drinks. Pretty green they were. Sometimes Dad made eggnog, homemade and it was wonderful with no alcohol. I miss those days. The family was different when I grew up. Family was the gift of the holidays and I now understand that. Christmas day brought my mom’s family for another big dinner, turkey, and all the fixings.  After dinner, there was a trip to my dad’s family where all my cousins were and that was a blast for me as a kid. I had 18 cousins from my dad’s sisters. And being an only child until I was 11, my cousins were an important part of my family. My family is now different, but I am so grateful to hold these memories in my heart. There can be sadness for the loss of family, and yet, I can always find my way to the special memories of Christmas past.

Family now means soul family and that includes many of you reading this post. I understand that many people enter our lives for a minute, a day, or a lifetime. All of them are special and matter in ways that I cannot fully express right now. There are no words that can express these feelings. It is joy, love, warmness, and kindness all rolled up into big balls of light. Over the years I have begun new traditions to bring this into my life at Christmas and throughout the year. I walk with a smile most of the time and am grateful to feel the joy along with sometimes other energies that show up.

My wish for all of you is to find a way to embrace all you do at this time of year, to show up with your heart open, and to find joy for yourself as you make new memories with family and friends or sit reading a beloved book by the fire. Treat yourself as the beautiful, special soul you are. See the love you are! It is what matters most. As I write this, I am listening to Cher’s new Christmas album, and I love the uplifting feeling of the songs as I dance in my chair as I write.

I am choosing to embrace love and let it move me forward into 2024. How can I help you find joy? Reach out and we can discuss how to do just that! The angels are here to help us always. Begin by asking them for help. If you would like to schedule an Angelic Care Call, please use this link: https://wings-unfurled.com/book-with-mary/

When you get to the page scroll down and you will see Exploratory, Complementary Angelic Care Call. Click that to set up a 15-minute appointment.


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to all! Let’s end this year and begin the new year with LOVE! I hold you all in my heart!

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