Today my friends, I am pondering about the word, HEALING. What is it and how does it happen? Who does the healing? Doctors, nurses, healers? How does sound affect our processes of healing? Is there really an inner healer inside our bodies, mind and spirit that knows how to help us heal? When I think about and allow the angels to bring forth pictures of lifetimes of humans on this earth, I see various ways of helping each other heal.

There have been scientific methods developed over years of evolution to help combat the suffering of people. Along with other alternative ways to help this as well. Mothers from the beginning of time, learned to place hands and love to sick children. Therefore, as I vision the indigenous tribes and various plant medicines or rituals they used over a sick member of the tribe, I wonder if part of our purpose in our lifetimes here on earth is to evolve and heal at a soul level.

My early life left much to be desired and I knew by the time I was about sixteen that I needed to heal from some of the stuff that happened to me as a child. It does not matter what happened, what matters is that I left the energy of those happenings behind and moved forward. For me, I mostly used my thought processes to move through the happenings. Did that heal them? On one level, yes, but over the years that I have been doing this work, I noticed that at different times other pieces would surface through my thoughts or happenings to be looked at once again. Sometimes, I really needed to feel the events and to release through work in the emotional body so I could move through something.

When my Dad passed in 1995, I knew I needed to work on healing my past even more. It was serious now and I felt as though I could really connect with myself to heal and move so that life could be wonderful as I healed everything and life would be perfect. Yes, I really thought that I could finish and my work would be complete.

So here I am, 23 years later, understanding that the work may never be complete like I thought but it is an unfolding of a tapestry that took lifetimes to weave and may take as long to work through the issues. It is not depressing but a glorious adventure and we have come here to unravel these threads and follow where they take us. However, what I know now is that I do not need to become lost in the process, to make sure to move along always being in the present moment. In addition, more importantly do not live in the past traumas, if you are constantly talking about the traumas and going over them in your mind thinking about how they have affected your life, you are not moving through them. You are still lost in the pain and not moving forward.

I watched as my Mom looked to the outside help of doctors who she valued highly and would probably have taken arsenic if the doctor advised her. I learned to question everything that someone else tells me to do. If we look inside ourselves, we will find a wise one who has the answers for us. One that knows our body, our emotions, our mental capacities and our spirit. This is where we will find our answers. Do we need the help of doctors and other healers at times? Absolutely. However, we want to find our way with the Wise One inside us leading us to the right doctors, procedures, diets, energy healers, etc. How do we do that? Listen to the signs, intuitive hits, and information presented to you, to friends pointing out someone or something that worked for them. Investigate what feels right to you. Sit with your thoughts. Take your time to decide what is right for you.
For me healing contains many different ways of being but what I see is that I now work toward a balance state of being. Mind, body, and spirit in balance always. When something is not working, make the changes you need to come to a balanced state of being. It matters.

I am constantly working on healing at a soul level. I believe that we have come here to do just that and with the calling to work through the traumas from this lifetime and others, we come closer to healing at that soul level.

For me, healing comes when I listen, when I find my center, when I tune in to Divine Source energy and listen to the guidance that is ALWAYS there.

My guidance prompted me to write this today so that those of you who may feel lost can start to come back to center, to listen to the guidance that has been whispering in your ears, to move to something you feel called to do even if you are not completely sure why. The Angels are always there for you to feel and call upon to help you with your journey.

Sound is another very powerful way to bring healing to your body. The sounds of music that you love, the healing sounds of instruments like Tibetan Singing Bowls or Crystal Bowls or just singing or chanting to yourself can bring you back to center.

Take some time today to listen to the silence, what is there when you listen. Perhaps meditate outside and listen to nature sounds or do some journaling. Ask some questions and hear what comes after you ask. Maybe the answers you are seeking are already there.

So for today, find your way to healing, healing your mind, body and spirit in the way that is right for you. It is a journey and one worth doing.

Blessings of love and healing prayers.

Rev. Mary and The Elders of Light

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