What is the meaning of the word healing? Healing can mean: healing from injury or disease, to make sound or whole, to make well again. It can also mean to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome, or to restore to original purity or integrity or to return to a sound state.

So now I ask my guides and angels to define healing for me…  Healing according to my guidance is working on myself to become the best version of myself I can be, whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Healing for me means doing what I can to shift and grow. I see many people who have had trauma in their lives, myself included, and to heal from the after effects of that trauma no matter when you begin.

We come into this world as little bundles of Creator’s perfection. We may have some past life karma that needs to work itself out, but generally, we are perfection and full of innocence. We come into families, and cultures that perhaps help us play out that karma. We are here because we need to have life experiences where we are—families, religions, work relationships, love relationships, cultures and countries all play into where we are and how we experience our lives. During this process, we all have choices about how to react and how we proceed with our lives. Sometimes during this process, we may try to work through traumas or issues that come up, but we don’t actually get through the deepest levels of these hurts. So along the way, these issues tend to pop up, maybe in different ways, but for us to take those deep looks and to work on healing them. As my heart partner says, “The well is never empty”.  For me, I consciously started healing after my Dad died in 1995. I thought that in just a few years, I would move through what I needed and be done…  So now I know that it is an ongoing process to do deep core healing from this life time and others. I am a work in progress and I see the progression and movement forward by how I consciously move in my life. I am able to look at the bigger picture, to assess where I need to go, to look at what I am comfortable doing, and to take the big breaths that I need to move forward. When I look back at that younger version of myself in 1995, I am hardly the same person and yet I am that beautiful soul moving and working on herself as well as helping others become empowered to do the same. My way is not the only way, it is not right for everyone, but I do honor my wisdom and if given the opportunity I will speak my truth and maybe, just maybe, there will be a morsel of truth you can use.

The angels bring me to understanding that sometimes healing is just a shift in your energy. I have done that in so many ways. Meditation and getting to know who my guidance is and how they walk and talk in my life. The angels and my guides are always protecting me and presenting me with life experiences I need. I hear the messages when I continue to tune in and listen for the guidance. I am blessed with the messages and help they send my way. Attunements to different energy systems have also helped me along the way. Kundalini Reiki, Flower of Life, Integrated Energy Therapy, Melody’s Master of Crystology, Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner, Angel classes and readings; all of these have helped me to raise my vibration and shift my consciousness. One of my most recent experiences that has been the biggest shift is the Serephim Blueprint energies.

As I tuned in to my talents in helping other people find their inner wisdom and empower themselves I find more and more fulfillment and hear messages for myself along the way. I listen to my body, my mind, my heart and my soul to give me the messages and help I need to find my way. I also listen to the guidance from the Angels so that if I need to shift how I feel or what I think, I am open…

As I run the Seraphim Blueprint energies each day, I am constantly opening to this unseen world so that I bring the best of information into my 3D life. Isn’t that what we all want? We need to take guided actions along the way, yes, but not to push what is in our minds if we are getting messages for something different.

I am open to observing the world around me, with no judgment, to perhaps looking at situations to see if a mirror is being presented for me to look inside. When I get triggered, now is the time to look into my spiritual toolbox. Do I need a special crystal? Do I need to meditate? Do I need to ground? How about a salt bath to release toxins? Do I need energy work or do I need a massage?

So for today, I look at healing as a process of unfolding the soul. To finding your best self if that is what you want. My guides and angels have said to me that I am a Vibrational Alchemist and I love that description. I do believe that life is about shifting our vibrations. We can choose to live in lower and negative vibrations or we can choose higher vibrations such as love, peace, joy. Wings Unfurled can help you to find your way to choose those higher vibrations. If you are ready and are looking to shift from where you are, my angels and I are here to help.

We send you a message of loving peace and joy, filling your heart with that love and helping you shift to a place of positive vibrations.



Mary and The Elders of Light

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