The Woman's Inner Wisdom Program

90 Day Program to take you on the journey to trusting your inner wisdom

What You’ll Receive When You Join This Training

12 Weekly Calls

In meeting via Zoom once a week we will move through the program together. Recordings of the calls will be available to you.


3 guided meditations unique to this program will be sent via email to support your journey.


During the first few modules, a workbook, “Clearing Negative Energies” will be emailed to you.

Energy Attunements

4 energy attunements will be offered during the weekly Zoom calls to support your growth through this journey.

Private Facebook Messenger Chat Group

This is a great way to connect, with both your partners in the group and myself. Inspiration flows as you work through the homeplay during the week.


This journey will help you find the path to moving forward in your life with feelings of empowerment.


Amazing Reviews

Meeting Mary and having her readings has been life changing for me. When I came to her I felt lost, like I had strayed off the path of my life's purpose. I was full of fear, anxiety and feeling a lot of doubt about the direction of my life and some choices I had made. I came away from each reading feeling reassured, relieved, confident, energized and having great clarity for the things I need to work on and the direction I need to go. Best of all those feelings of fear and being lost are practically gone.
This program is an amazing journey. I worked with Mary for 7 months and when I started, I had no idea where it would take me. I was looking for in depth techniques for meditation, angelic guidance and a better understanding of this most amazing spiritual journey. Mary has a vast range of experiences that she so willingly and joyfully shared. She is an amazing teacher, listener, guide and mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed spending this part of my spiritual journey with her!

What You’ll Learn In This Training

Module 1: Release

We start the release process with a supportive energy attunement and begin to understand why the release process is an important first step.

Module 2: Revisit

Here we look at journaling and begin to look at our past with different eyes.

Module 2: Reinvent

With using affirmations, we bring our new dream into being without limitations.

Module 4: Relinquish

As we let go of old limiting beliefs, we find a new freedom to move forward and learn tools to keep your energy clear. You will receive additional support with an energy attunement.

Module 5: Realign

Here we look at journaling and begin to look at our past with different eyes.

Module 6: Balance

As you look at your mind, body, spirit connection, find your way to maintaining your balance in a busy life.

Module 7: Ground

Learning to ground will help you bring your new dreams and energies into your physical reality.

Module 8: Center

Through the growth process, finding a way to a stronger connection with your inner self brings an easier flow to your life.

Module 9: Renew

We start with an energy attunement to support expansion, aspiration, inspiration, prosperity and abundance to help you through your next steps.

Module 10: Energized

Finding yourself motivated to take guided action steps and to begin to find more tools to stay focused and excited about your future.

Module 11: Inspired

We take steps to find and keep your inspiration. We begin to develop a meditation practice to continue inner growth.

Module 12: Empowered

Through gratitude for all of your life, magic flows to you bringing experiences of freedom and joy.

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Once off Payment :

US $1,497

Monthly Installments :

3 x US $549

Here Are Your Questions Answered

How do I connect with the group?

You will receive recordings of the live Zoom calls each week. You can view them again when you want. More details will come in your welcome email.

What currency is this being sold in?

It is being sold in US dollars and subject to the current exchange rates from your country.

How long do we meet?

Each weekly sessions will be an hour to and hour and 15 minutes.

How much time do I need to work on this between calls?

There will be homeplay given to be done in between. The more you develop a ritual of spending time going within, the more you will get from the program.

Can I get help in between the weekly sessions?

We will have a Private Facebook Messenger Chat Group with myself and the others in the group. Posting questions and thoughts there will help you access not only myself

What if I have difficulty meditating?

With the angelic guided meditations given to you over the course of 12 weeks, the angels and II will help you find deeper connection.