Judgment can be a difficult lesson to learn. It pops its head up and sneaks in on you when you are not paying attention. Many of you have been conditioned by your religions, families and society to play this role and judge everything around you.

Judging actions, words and yourself is an act of being separate from the Divine source. It says that you know better. Judgments you place on yourself as well as others take you off your path. This is an abundant universe that has many ways to the end result. It is not your duty or purpose to say there is only one way or that something is right or wrong.

The opposite of judgment is compassion and as we show others compassion to walk their journey in the manner they feel is right for them, we are breaking the chains of judgment. Judging yourself and others is hard work, you must always be working at it.

Instead, take a day where you feel compassion toward yourself and allow yourself to do what you FEEL is right for yourself.

Compassion comes from your HEART. Judgment comes from your EGO. It is a statement that says I believe this is right or wrong. It is not that I feel this is the right thing to do for me. Do you feel the difference in energy when you say these words? Coming from your heart with compassion is necessary to break the patterns of judgment that is a learned response in you.

So when you are ready to have a day without judgment, sit quietly, light a white candle, play some nice music and start taking deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax and as you do, go to your heart space, and see the light that shines there becoming brighter with each breath. As the light grows, feel yourself being in the flow of Divine source energy and allow it to flow around you growing from your heart until it is a bubble of beautiful light that surrounds you. Know that within this field of energy there is only compassion and love for yourself. Feel the love that is contained in this light and know that there is no judgment in this space. Feel the love that is there for you and when you move, move with this love leading your way. If you find yourself coming from EGO during the day, find the beautiful heart light again and go back to that space to move with Divine grace instead. Just keep bringing yourself back to that beautiful light.

As you end the day, reflect on the way compassion felt to you. Was there less negativity? Did you feel like the day flowed instead of struggling?

As you learn to let go of judging yourself and others, you will find yourself in the flow of Divine source energy. In this energy all is possible and it is a beautiful manifestation of Divine love moving into your life.

Try working on this more each and every day. You will get it to where you flow with life rather than being involved in the dramas that dance around you. Dancing with compassion is a flow of creative energy that pulls in the good from the Divine and allows you to be lifted to a place of peace and bliss. Try it-you may love it!

“The Elders of Light”

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