Life Purpose

So many questions come from you earth beings about your life  purpose….

Your purpose is to be, to exist here on the earth plane learning the lessons you signed up for.  And through learning those lessons, seeing through the illusions to remember who you are…

As a soul in the void, you were perfect, it was not necessary for you to come to Earth but you wanted to experience the polarities and having free will. You wanted for example a lesson of self-worth, patience, or unconditional love. Our dear Creator, always wanting to help his children agreed to your coming to Earth to learn. One or more souls in the void agreed to come along and help you learn these lessons. Now in the void, life was complete and perfect, so you did not think about nor were you able to control how the lesson would manifest on Earth.

You were born into a beautiful perfect body with the innocence of a child and God’s unconditional love carrying you into existence. The family you chose to become part of, the friendships you developed and the work and personal relationships that formed along with the religious conditioning’s and country of origin all played into your soul’s development. All of these played into your going from God’s perfect soul into a being of will, with a mind, body and spirit connection that allowed your physical personality to develop. You began to reason and wonder why I should do this or that. Maybe perhaps you began to desire to make changes, or to become a seeker of knowledge or truth. Your mental-self began to form a picture of who you should be and how you should act…  It might not be the “norm” but it became right for you. As soon as you were born you became a being of emotions, you felt and loved and experienced all the sadness and joy, love and betrayal you could handle. Again your mental-self helped you to judge whether or not this was right and helped you to form an opinion and standard reactions to all of this.

Your physical self was growing and becoming the physical manifestation that is you. You may not have paid a lot of attention to the physical self unless it became out of balance or “dis-eased”. Then it became your focus so that other human beings could help you get back into balance. You may even have called out to God during this period of your life—in prayer to make you well.

Your spiritual self may have been taking a back seat—you went to church because you were “supposed” to.  God was there but just there outside of you. Maybe you were not taught that he was part of you-inside you all along.  Perhaps you did not understand that he was the spark of light you carry inside your perfect soul.

So for many years, you grow and learn and get busy living your earthly life. At some time in your life you may come to an understanding of how this earth life works, after searching for answers you may come to understand how your physical, emotional and mental bodies need to work together with your spiritual body to find wholeness, balance, peace and joy. This is what moves you to your heart center in an awakened state so that you see how important the balance is and that how you feel and act affects so many around you. All you think, feel, see and do moves outward from you to affect the consciousness of all.

Now is the time we here in the etheric realms are turning up the vibrations so that you can see, feel, know and hear this for yourself. It is time to move away from the old ways of doing—especially if it did not work for you then—it will even more not help you now.

Use whatever works for you dear children to move through and end your suffering. Take the step to do it differently. You are worth it!

Use your tools or go to where you are guided to work through your “STUFF”. That “STUFF” while it feels so real and scary is really nothing but an illusion YOU created to learn some of your lessons!

There are many that can help you with counseling, energy work, acupuncture, prayer, meditation and more—the important step is to own the desire to change, the desire to not walk through life asleep doing the same as before. This is the time you have all asked to become and experience. It is important and very crucial to the consciousness of the earth and her blessed beings of light.

Please know that we here in the etheric realms are working and sending beautiful waves of energy, light and love to help ease your struggle and to help raise your vibrations. We are here, we are light, and we are love!

The Elders of Light

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