How is your life going right now? Life is sometimes difficult to manage, and we can get caught up in all of the drama. Is that true for you as well? But is it real? Are we seeing situations accurately or just feeling out of control and feeling bogged down with it all?

We can blame the energy of the world around us, we can blame our parents, we can blame the planets and the sun, or the Schumann Resonance or Mercury Retrograde. Our reactions and feelings are not because of these happenings, they are entirely our perception of life.

So how do we handle this? Our feelings and responses are all our responsibility to manage. We have choices all the time in how to respond. We can get up in the morning and choose to have a wonderful day and an hour later feel like it has gone awry and it’s not wonderful anymore. But is that true?

We humans are complex beings, and we have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. We oversee all of them and we do not pay attention to different responses and where they originate. Most of us operate unconsciously and just do, say, or think the response at the time. Maybe, just maybe the world is not out to get us… 

Maybe we are at a point in our development where Source Energy is asking for us to be conscious of our responses and look at the underlying reasons we are having those responses. Maybe we have been born here on this planet to have experiences, not good or bad, just experiences. Source Energy does not give us good experiences or bad experiences. Our minds want to classify them as good or bad. If it feels good to us, we feel like we are being rewarded in some way, while bad experiences help us to feel like we are being punished for something.

As we begin to look at our lives in this way, life begins to change. We are open to more than just our response to an experience and can begin to find empathy for the world around us. Maybe we begin to understand that life is different for all of us and that our way is not the only way to respond to life. We came together on this planet to be a beautiful rainbow of energetic colors of the reflection of Source Energy. We are all here returning to Source Energy and walking each other home. And hopefully holding each other’s hands on the walk.

With all of this in mind, please be aware that when you look at our country and world, we are just a small piece of this amazing tapestry. How do you want to be woven into the tapestry? Do you want to blend in or do you want to be the piece of color or fabric that stands out?

I understand that at times, life feels overwhelming. I have been there and still am at times. I know I oversee my responses but sometimes I unconsciously think or say something that jumps in the way of looking deeper. Sometimes I quickly cancel, clear, and delete my original response but sometimes it takes a bit to get there.

I look around at all of us and wonder when the light will go on for all of us. When will we stop being the competitive, power-grabbing, must-win-it-all all society and go to a gentler, compassionate, and kinder one? Can we stop thinking in terms of winning? I believe there is enough for all of us. In terms of having the most money, power, and things. We are all different and we can be happy with less. Believe me, you can’t take it with you. So, does it matter? 

My human girl wants many times to get more, be more, and live outside of my means. These messages come at me in the advertising that we see and hear in the media every day. I want to be comfortable that is a given, but do I need the fanciest “stuff”? In my twenties, I was trying to find my adult self apart from my family. In my thirties, I wanted more, a big house, a fancy car, beautiful clothes and shoes, and nice vacations. In my forties, I wanted a meaningful relationship, one that put me first. In my fifties, I wanted to do my work and be successful at my business. In my sixties, I want peace, to feel compassion and kindness, to be comfortable with my life, and to attract clients who want my help in finding their way, and to walk my talk. I want to give love and compassion to all I meet. And more than ever, I want to help the world find its way to peace, love compassion, and kindness.

I see many good people in the world wondering how they fit into it. I also observe that many of them think their beliefs are the “RIGHT” ones and the rest of the world is crazy not to believe what they do. We are here on the planet to experience “Free Will”. So even if you don’t agree with me, I agree it is your perfect right to think that way. It does not make you wrong or me wrong. We are just experiencing life as different at the moment and either one of us can change at any time. The word that just came to me from the angels is that we all could use an infusion of tolerance in our thinking. Our thinking about everything! My partner talks about the window of tolerance and I believe that our windows of tolerance are getting smaller. Maybe with the beautiful spring days, we need to open our windows a bit wider. Let the fresh air flow and with it, find more tolerance in our energy fields.

I had a beautiful infusion of energy from Divine Mother on Saturday, and I feel altered and am so grateful. I understand that all we have comes from Source, Creator, or God, It comes in the timing of Source Energy, sometimes not how we think it should or even in the way we think it should. The “should” word is a clue my friends, when using should towards yourself or others we are giving judgment. We did not come here to do that. We came to experience the energy of different lessons, to look deeper than what our family, society, or religion taught us as children, and to find a way to be a good human.

When I leave this earth, the highest praise for my life would be; “Mary was a good human.”

I leave you for today to think about these words and to open your window of tolerance and make a way to be a good human!

In Love, Light, Peace, and Joy!

Rev. Mary and The Elders of Light

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