Love Lights the Way

February is a month that we think about love. Usually, we think about a relationship type of love, but I challenge you to think deeper this month. Our focus is about bringing new energies to open your heart chakra and to look at unconditional love in different ways.


Unconditional love is a term that is often used to describe love. But what is unconditional love? Unconditional love frequently describes love regardless of one’s actions or beliefs. I believe unconditional love is about bringing you back to your Sacred Heart Space. It is about really living without ego in our lives. And yes, it is easy to say, not so easy to do. It is not about being perfect as we make these attempts, but seeing where the ego takes us. If you love yourself unconditionally and walk with God’s unconditional love, then what is brought to you is for your highest and best.

I see the heart chakra as where the spark of God’s light exists—in a tiny space deep within the heart, burning brightly. It is not separate from us-it is part of us.  It is often called the “Three-Fold Flame”, the “I AM” presence. I sometimes see it as a cave deep within, a place so safe and serene that it brings a sense of peace like I have never experienced before.

Today, I see the light burning brightly, expanding outward and inviting me to warm myself by the fire of its love. My wish and desire is to walk from that place each day as I serve God with love in everything I do. When I access this unconditional love, I am humbled and my vibrations raise higher. And as I raise my vibrations, I can see God’s plan more clearly and the part I play in it. I realize that it is about letting it all go and giving it all to God.

The light is always there for me and everyone.  My mind understands this, but yet as I walk in this human existence, I still slip into the ego-based thinking. Every time I judge, worry, or control the situations around me, I fall into ego. I now ask that every time I am there, I am to be reminded to give the situation over to God, asking him for his guidance.  I surrender to God, all of my worries, my fears and I ask for Him to lead the way.

Even though we are all at different places in our lives and our walks are especially suited for our individual lessons, I see that we are all walking the sacred path back to our hearts, to live in the peace and harmony that God wants for us. Join me this month in remembering that we are God’s children and that he wants us to find joy and harmony in our 3D lives. By giving over to Him our worries and cares, the lessons he wants us to learn become easier and pass through us to change the vibrations we ask for and receive.

If you are seeking a love relationship, are wanting to improve your love relationship, or are yearning to generally improve all the relationships in your life, change the energy you put out to the universe. It brings back to you what you put out. You can change this energy by letting go to God all that you no longer want in your life and asking him to help you see that the love in that Sacred Heart Space really is God!

As you begin to see the love you are, as you love yourself, you allow that beautiful inner light to shine so brightly that everyone around you sees and feels the God light you shine! Life as you know begins to change in the most beautiful ways.

Feel good! Feel God! Feel Love!


Rev. Mary Perry

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