Love on a Summer’s Day

Dear Angel Friends,

As I sit contemplating the world these days, sadness sometimes envelops me and I wonder about how I can help. As I look around me, I hear to fill the world with LOVE. How can I do that is what I wonder? As I meditate and send energies out, if I do it without judgment and ask for the Angels help in blessing the world with LOVE, I realize this is a gift from the Divine to the world. Will I see the changes immediately?

Probably not, and as we live in a world of immediate gratification, I need to understand patience means seeding these feelings of love and then watering them on a regular basis so that they grow in the right time and place. It’s not mine to control, I just need to send the energies and allow Divine intervention to grow them where there is fertile ground or to prepare the ground for a beautiful infusion of love. I know that we sometimes get caught up in the politics of the day and some of the tragedies of the world as empaths, and I believe that we all have empathic qualities in some ways, these energies get caught in our energy fields. I have chosen to turn off the news most of the time. When I turn on the TV, and listen to the news, does it help me to listen to the same story for hours? Absolutely not. Turn off the TV, listen to beautiful moving music, read a book, connect out in nature or call a friend that will lift you up. These are all suggestions from my Angel friends who want us to find our inner peace, for when we find that it is easier to love the world and to find peace outside of ourselves.

Can we make a difference I ask my guidance all the time? Yes, it is one by one that the world will change and is changing. The one person who changes to find their unconditional love will flow that love to the world. That I understand. I used to question why people responded to me. I did not understand why people liked me so much. Until I began to love myself and understood that I offer love to everyone I meet. Sometimes my earth girl gets in the way and does not understand my power with healing and as this happens, I call upon Archangel Michael to help me carry any doubts and to boost my confidence. I am a powerful healer that brings my Divine energies of love to all I meet and work on. I offer love with my words, either in person, on the phone or written. My hands offer to you the benefit of all the healing the Angels can bring to you. I am not the healer by any means, I just offer an opportunity for you to turn on your inner light or to make it brighter to allow more Divine love to enter for your highest good. You are in charge of all healing that happens to you. Healing is a journey that we have embarked upon here on this earth plane, I believe for the ascension process. There is so much talk these days on the 5th Dimensional shift of energy and the Ascension process. I am hearing that we have all come here to experience and prepare for this shift. It is an exciting time although sometimes we feel the intensity of the energies perhaps more than is comfortable. Just remember that at these times, the chaos is bringing a shift of higher vibrational energy and you have asked for that. I know, what were we thinking, right? We may not understand why others act as they do, it is not ours to understand but to send love and light. For the highest good of all. It’s that simple. Do not judge. Do not feel sorry. Do not feel sad. Do not wonder how you can help. Just send LOVE! Divine love with the help of the angels.

On this beautiful summer like day as I listen now to music by India Arie, “I AM Light”, I am lifted upward to feeling Divine love and as much as I wish I could give this to you, you must find your way….

If you are guided to finding help along the way, the Angels suggest that we talk. See if there is something that we can work on together. Helping to bring you into the light that you are through your heart is who I am!

With much love and all the light I can send through this channeled message from the Angels I work with, I leave you today with LOVE to fill your heart and soul!

The Elders of Light

Rev. Mary Perry

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