Everyone Talks about love but does anyone even really know what it means… It is the opposite of FEAR. But the true meaning is something so deep, so unreal to us humans that we have a hard time knowing how to give it and how it connects us to one another and everything else on this beautiful planet. We are born and our parents give us love, or are supposed to but sometimes the opposite happens as they are sometimes living their life in fear because they do not know better so we, at an early age are conditioned to know love but with conditions. If you are a good girl and eat your peas, we will love you enough to let you go outside and play. Because we love you, we will treat you with a cookie or candy… How many times as a teenager did you say, if you love me you would let me stay out until midnight or do what my friends are doing?

All of these things are love in different ways, ways in which we have been conditioned to have certain responses to actions. This is not the LOVE that we need to access more. We have this enough already.

True love comes with no conditions—it is seeing everyone everywhere and knowing that our hearts are all connected—we are tied together with this love that lies inside all of us and then of course, to the Divine Source energy that for me is God.

I have to tell you that for all of my life, I searched for acceptance and love and my perception was that I had neither, while the truth is that I always had it. It is like in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy wants to return home and she had the power the entire time to do just that. We all have the power NOW to return to the LOVE of the Divine Source energy, there is no action to get there. It is just the act of being LOVE. This is how you return home to this beautiful state of Divine Love. Just “BE”. This is sometimes a foreign concept to us humans, who run around here and there doing this and that, busily distracting ourselves from being in the moment, being thankful to God for having this time to run around.

I had an experience almost a year ago now, where I was with Jesus on the side of a mountain and this experience was so profound for me that as I write this, I am recalling the love that emanated from him. I am breathless and with tears in my eyes, I tell you that what I felt for the first time in my life was Divine Love. We forget this when we come to the Earth and we spend our lives trying to remember what it is that we forgot. Let me tell you that this love is so overwhelming that I cannot put into words the feelings that came with it, except to know that I did not want to leave that energy and return to earth. Jesus told me then that I was to teach others to go inside and feel this love. So here I am to tell you that it is possible to feel this in this lifetime and that the more we all connect to the Divine Source energy inside our hearts, the sooner our world will change for the better.

So for today, take some time to connect with your Higher Power, take some deep breaths and just “BE” in the moment and after a few minutes of relaxing, let your third eye picture your heart and as you look at your heart, see the spark of light that lives deep inside there. See that spark becoming brighter and brighter and allow yourself to let that energy spread throughout your bodies and allow every cell in your body to access that spark of light. Guess what, you just became LOVE! Enjoy and carry that feeling with you throughout the day!


Rev. Mary Perry

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