To find peace and joy in your life, the angels want us to look inside. The angels want us to know that we are not alone and that they try to help us each day to find our light and way in the world. They are asking me to reach out to let you know that they have not forgotten us. They see the turmoil in our world today and just send us so much love. They are imploring you to ask for the help you need. They will step in to help with those requests. Rest easy with that.

Yes, the world needs all the good vibes we can send right now. Can you vision a world that holds compassion, kindness, love and truth as the foundations for all peoples of the universe? If you have not brought these values into your foundations for your life, how can the world around you change? Peace comes from everyone finding loving compassion to live his or her life. All are brothers and sisters of Creator and therefore walk as one with each other. It matters not what religion or ethnicity you are as we are all one.

So, how does acting with kindness and compassion change the whole world? The angels say that as you act with kindness, compassion and love, vibrations go out from you and touches at first your local community, then as more and more people begin acting those vibrations increase and move out more and more. The angels see it as a huge wave of love that can encircle the earth. No one is immune to feeling its effects and it can change what we see on the earth today. Imagine if we could start a wave of love so big that it radically changes life, as we know it. Why not? We have seen life changing events over the last year that have left us feeling a great deal of unease, fear, sadness and anger. Can you choose love instead? It would feel much better and it would help you find the peace you seek.

The angels understand that many of us feel the emotions and energies of the world. We have our own baggage but happily carry others baggage as well. The angels are here to say that is not helpful. Make sure you are just carrying your own baggage. We all go into periods of clearing out our homes and decluttering. That baggage you are carrying needs some of that decluttering. You don’t need to carry it around always. You can lighten up, find love, be love, and give love. It is easier then dealing with the emotions of the whole world.

As the car on the highway cuts you off, choose love, not judgment toward the other driver. When someone unconsciously or consciously butts in front of you in line, find love for him or her. When someone makes disparaging remarks about life, love, and others, find love for them. See a wave of love leaving you and like the ocean waves that crash on the beach, see that wave of love moving down on you and the person you are talking with.

This may not seem like enough to help the world right now, but it sure won’t hurt. The angels are asking us to try it, to see our world shift into positive vibes, not the angst that we are feeling right now.

Peace comes from remembering only love is real.

There is a collective consciousness that exists in the world, in other words, the connections of our energies. You may sometimes feel uneasy not knowing why and then later find that something has happened in another part of the world. Well, if we feed this collective consciousness anger, fear, and sadness, then it multiples and moves all over our planet. Can we try sending love into the collective instead of negative vibes? Try it. It may not make big changes in just one day, but check in with yourself to see how you feel. It may make a big difference in your life.

I have found myself saying, “I don’t understand.” “How can this be?” As I ask these questions where there is no answer at this moment, what makes sense to me is saying a prayer for peace, for understanding the whole of humanity.

I fervently ask for understanding of this situation.

And if not understanding,

I ask humbly to find compassion for all in this world.

I am a child of our Creator and am one with all.


I humbly ask to see a wave of peace enfold us near and far.

As we are born of curiosity, innocence and love

Help me find my way to those feelings of Divine Unconditional Love!

I am worthy of this now and forever.

Help me find the way to empower all of humanity to find peace.

To live with peace, love and compassion for others and ourselves.

This is the way.

In the deepest gratitude, I find myself smiling with the sweet love you send.

And so it is.

Therefore, for today, the angels send a big hug of love and want you to know you are enough. You are loved. My loves, you are the eternal children of God. We are here to help you through. You are spiritual beings living a physical life. The past year has taught us all that we are here to learn the lessons of life. Have you been open to learning? Reach out in prayer, talk to us, and go into meditation to connect, but ask us for the help you want. Ask us to help shift your energies. We can do this together, for our children and our grandchildren. Let’s make a difference today to see a brighter more compassionate world. It’s time.

Rev. Mary and The Elders of Light