Peaceful Warrior

I AM a peaceful warrior. I AM offering peace with every movement during this day and with every word, I offer peace.

It is a gentle way to help heal our world yes, easy and gentle is what this day calls forth. My soul yearns to see changes in our world and yet, my ways are not for all, just as your ways are not always for me. I come forth now, not judging and to offer a peaceful breath and love.

There are many ways to find your peace. Yes, meditation, voicing your feelings, prayer and speaking out to the masses. Yet, I ask please, for these ways to come from Creator love that lives inside our hearts always. We are all on a journey together right now, one that speaks to us every day as we listen to the media, our friends and family and feel the energy of the world. Going inside to the words and love in our hearts is our truth. Yes, I know you feel the anger and fear that bubbles up as we are traversing these changes in our world. In addition, yes, it is good to recognize that we need to see each other as brothers and sisters in this adventure we call life. We are ALL part of a historic time in our evolution. Do you understand you asked to be here to hold the light to the truth of all that is? It is a gallant mission and the angels want you to know that it is not yet complete; so please, be the peaceful warrior…   Do not come at life with judgment of how it should or should not be. Do not be led by fear and worry. Do not come from anger. All of this will pass as you release that which is not working for you and coming from an energy of peace.


So now, the Angels are asking for a moment for you to take some deep breaths and go inside to your hearts and feel the love that is coming from them right now…..   Pulling that breath inside, I immediately find a peaceful smile on my face, my head is lighter and my body is responding with relaxing muscle responses. Feel that dear ones, this is where you will find your truths. Being this peaceful warrior, listen to what the call of the angels say to you now.

Peaceful and warrior do not at first appear to be words to put together, however these times are unusual and we say to you that now more than any other time in your lives is the time to release those tight feelings and find your peace. The world cannot bring it to you right now, you still have more of this adventure to traverse, but you can give yourself those moments of peace throughout your days and nights. As you do this simple exercise, you will begin to affect the energies of the world around you. It may not affect thousands at first but it will affect those who are closest to you. Seed this peace by example. Do not engage in the hurt and anxious energies, instead send love to that energy and allow yourself to remain peaceful.

I AM a PEACEFUL WARRIOR! I am here to help anchor that energy of love in this world. My human self is a spiritual being just having a human experience. Please remember that when you feel your lowest. It is important. My spiritual self is my truth….  I AM at my center, Source energy flowing through the human experience.

I leave you with a resounding light of the heart…



So for today, peace and joy my friends!

The Elders of Light and Rev. Mary

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