The recipe is not important for whatever you do as long as it is done with love the ingredients are unimportant but to complete your assignment we will look at the recipe we shall put the following together and see what we come up with:

A smattering of good judgment
A delicious portion of the truest love
A generous portion of healthy skepticism mixed with trust in the almighty
When heated with the brightest light imaginable

What do you have?


An open spiral notebook lays open on a wood surface. There are heart-shaped colorful edible sprinkles thrown around the book. The page says Recipe for Love: 1 tbsp Trust, 1 Tbsp Respect, 1 Tbsp Passion


Your life as we see it:

Every creation is a recipe completed every day and in every way. When you start with the love of God nothing is incomplete along the way. Trust yourself to find that love in all you do and see the thread that weaves that light through all of your life. Those threads are woven in many different colors and when you see the inter connectedness in all you do and between all you meet then you realize and honor the oneness of God.

When you start to make the cords of your life make the beautiful music you are, you honor and deepen your connection to creator and open the lotus blossom more fully. It is a beautiful process and one that your human mind does not always see the way we do. With every new opening your vibration floats across the vast planes harmonizing with the others who are opening as well, and it is the most beautiful music to experience. Every time you meditate you tap into this cosmic wonder.

We leave you this night with this thought, know who you are in all you do so that you carry the love of God in all you do and you will always walk in truth and on the spiritual level of awareness know what you are about. Your physical body will catch up and come along for the ride as it listens for this truth.

Master Teacher


Rev. Mary Perry

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