Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now
Channeled by “The Elders of Light”

Hello my Dear Loved Beings of Light,

We are here now and always, helping you move through the only things you think matter, when they matter not at all. We see your light as it moves and dances all over the earth. This light shines even when you are in the sleep state; it may be the brightest then, for when you are at rest, your mental thoughts and your ego voices stop and it allows the truth to embrace you-the love of God-the only thing that does matter fills you even deeper. We are here now for you to remember…. 

Remember you ask? Remember what? My dear ones, to remember the love you are that is God. The love you are that leads to higher vibrations, to leave behind the worries of the earthly world, to manifest your dreams and visions into reality here and now. When you remember that this Higher Power, who has many names, is who you are, nothing else matters.That love is the make-up of who you are, if you get that right first then everything else will follow along with joy, ease and bliss. Spirituality is about seeing the love inside yourself first and then everyone else you see, touch, or hear…. It is all sentient beings. If you can understand this love and when we say love it is so different than the conditionings that were taught to you—it truly is unconditional. You need to do nothing to deserve it, feel it, or be it. It is there in all its magnificence just being and experiencing all you do. It is you at your core. But when you remember that this love is all powerful, it does not matter if someone hurts your feelings, snubs you or does not love you back. It is not personal, it is the earth journey that provided that experience and you just need to understand and help everyone you encounter to be “LOVE”. No judgment, just compassion first for yourself and then for others.

We channel this information to Rev. Mary because she has had the experience of feeling that love and it was so powerful and inspiring she did not want to come back but it is her journey to share with you and help you to come to understand this love and how it works. In fact, she, too is still working on the understanding of this love. Self-compassion is the best way to start.

Having compassion for others is something many understand, but if you could for just a minute, turn that compassion to yourself. Allow yourself to feel the spectacular energy of love you are. Loving yourself first allows for so much more to come to you.

Try this the next time you quiet yourself and connect with your inner guidance.

Take a few deep breaths and as you call in your guidance, ask and set your intentions to feel the love you are.

Continue taking deep breaths and do whatever you need to relax your body, leaving it behind and opening the chakras, clearing them as you open.

Now after raising your vibrations, see yourself floating on a cloud among the stars and see the angels and light beings watch over you. Float to the biggest star you see and set yourself down on the surface, the light will be very bright but you feel safe and secure, warm and loved. As you get off the cloud, see yourself walking to a village that is not too far away and go to the small church you find there. You will know it by the light that is shining from every window, door, and every gap in the walls. Go inside and walk toward the altar, and you will see many angels smiling as you walk forward. When you get to the altar, sit upon the chair that is there and just relax for now the fun begins. Take another deep breath and pull that breath into your heart. See your heart chakra open, see the bright, brilliant emerald green that is shining forth, see and feel it spinning rhythmically and evenly. OK, are you ready?

See the light that is shining from your heart, flowing out and connecting to all the beings in the church. There are beautiful lines of energy flowing out and back as you continue to breathe deeply. Now one by one, the angelic beings disappear….. See the light that is still streaming from YOU! This is the LOVE you are…. It is still filling the church. This is your core energy, this is what makes up who you are and how you present yourself to the world. It is a beautiful sight, dear one! Enjoy this flood of love energy that comes from you, yes you can feel it, it is joy, it is wonder, and it is bliss! You don’t have to try to have it, it just is! It is you, you are LOVE! When you are finished with feeling this juicy, most awesome feeling you have ever felt, you may walk out of the church and leave the village and find the cloud that will carry you back to your earth journey. But take the feeling of LOVE with you wherever you are in your journey.

Whenever you feel lost, or afraid, meditate and allow yourself to feel the love you are. It is the only thing that matters here on the earth. It is what you came to remember and what a world it will be when more and more people are LOVE!

We want you to know that now is the time to uncover this LOVE and be LOVE. Find your way to whatever calls you to enter your blessed heart energy. Meditation, classes, readings, and energy work may all play a role in helping you remember who you are and the LOVE you are. It is time to remember so that you can fly with the angels through your earth journey. It will change you and bring you “Home”…..

Blessings of love and light to you and your journey!

We are here with you now and always!

“The Elders of Light”

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