Seraphim Blueprint – Level V- Planetary Healing

Facilitated By: Rev. Mary Perry

When: TBA

Time: 10 AM to 6 PM

Where: Zoom Online Workshop

Investment: $225

With Level V of the Seraphim Blueprint system, you receive an energy waveform to bring balance between humanity as a whole and the natural order. This level gives us tools to communicate with non-physical beings who can partner with us to help this planet in its many transitions. This power brings humanity into balance with the natural order. Specific initiations include harmonizing with elementals and vibratory beings. It turns out that due to the discontinuous nature of human history there is a more serious defect in humanity that we are collectively unaware of, except on deep unconscious levels. This defect is specifically our karmic inheritance in relationship with the moon.  The initiations in Level V help with this karmic defect and give you many tools to prepare us for the 5th dimensional energies that are coming to our planet.

Let’s continue our journey through the Seraphim system and opening your consciousness to all that you can be.

Pre-registration is required.

If you have any questions please contact me by email at or phone or text me at 443-465-3060.

Seraphim Blue Level IV Cosmic Splendor
Cost: $225

Cost: $100