Connecting with angelic guidance is one way to bring more peace and love into your life. In our busy lives, we tend to become focused on our families, our work, and our relationships. How do we move quickly and get accomplished all that is on our “to do” list? By connecting to our inner guidance–say the angels for instance. We can find loving help and gentle compassionate guidance to move forward.

When you are feeling lost where do you turn? An Angel Reading can help to re-charge your inner self, to clear out the muck that sometimes accumulates, and to help you find ways to bring yourself to the “YOU” that is loving, kind, and empowered.  My Angel Readings do not necessarily predict the future or that you will win the lottery, but it may give you insight into shifting your consciousness so that the feelings of desperation and lack get shifted into abundance consciousness, where with gratitude you see ALL the blessings in your life. An Angel Reading may also help you shift your limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

My Angel Readings bring healing for you to shift your energy. I work with many angels and beings of light who just want to help us. I always begin with shuffling my cards and asking you to think about the questions that are important. I do not ask you to state them out loud for the angels know and during the session, most questions get answered. I always leave room at the end for other questions to find their way to the angels for help.

Asking those questions, then finding the answers given with compassion, love and kindness helps you to find your connections and way forward. Are you ready?

The regular price for a one hour Angel Reading is $150. To take advantage of the OPWGC special price click below to schedule.

One Hour Special Price: $75 per session