Kundalini Reiki Energy Treatments

Kundalini Reiki is an amazing healing modality that allows universal energy to flow through the body clearing out and opening the chakras, helping to create a regular flow of energy through the body. The word Reiki means bringing energy from the universe down into the client’s body to integrate with their energy. Kundalini Reiki brings a number of different treatments such as DNA, Birth Trauma, Past Life and Locations to clear blocks in these areas. Kundalini Reiki was originally channeled by Ole’ Gabrielsen from Lord Kuthami and works to prepare the energy channels, the chakras, to receive a Kundalini awakening. Treatments consist of an approximately 60 minute session and it takes 3 treatments to bring about complete healing. This allows for optimal clearing of the chakras. The treatment will allow for some discussion before and after with about 45 to 60 minutes of actual treatment time. The client will remain fully clothed and is either lying down or seated comfortably with their eyes closed. I will place my hands on the client’s shoulders and top of head during the treatment to run the energy. Sessions can be in person or remote.



“REIKI-to me a strange word. I had no clue to what it was. But it promised a sense of well being and relaxation. My son had given me a spa gift certificate, so I wouldn’t be wasting my money to sample this exotic-sounding treatment. I opted for it. How would I know it really worked? I needn’t have pondered. By the time my half-hour session was over, I was a REIKI fan. Soft music permeated the dimly lit treatment room. Fully clothed, I stretched out on a table and was covered with a sheet. I closed my eyes and kept them closed during the entire session as my REIKI lady worked her wonders. Was REIKI effective? Definitely! How could I know for sure? — By the slight tingling that went from my waist through my left leg and seemed to seep out of my toes. When I stood after the session, I felt nothing–which was really something because as far back as I could remember I’d had a soreness that I really wasn’t aware of until just then. I guess I’d thought that’s how everyone feels; not just someone born without joints in her toes, who had adapted walking with that condition. I felt relaxed. REIKI became a must on my list of special treats. Generally it just keeps me feeling balanced. But there are times when results are extra pronounced–such as when my oldest son tragically and unexpectedly died. My insides went into complete turmoil. A REIKI session brought balance back and enabled me to function normally again. Now I look forward to my regularly scheduled monthly REIKI times. As Mary brings me into balance, I silently thank God for His healing love that comes to me through her and ask Him to bless her for being a conduit of the healing that perfects every cell of my being. I do believe that REIKI plays a big part in the good health I enjoy at the age of 75, because what is disease but dis-ease and REIKI puts me completely at ease with a calm sense of relaxation and balance.”                       Celeste B.