House Clearing & Cleansing

Everything in our Universe is made up of energy. All is a vibration-sometime higher, sometimes lower or denser. Our bodies, the furniture around you, crystals and rocks have constant movement or vibrations. My belief is that even after we pass from this physical world we still have energy vibrations. Sometimes these vibrations or energy remain in the house or with a piece of furniture after our physical presence is gone. People or animals that are very sensitive to energies may feel or sense these vibrations. They may believe their house or a piece of furniture is “haunted” and may be uncomfortable living in that energy. I can come to your home, make an assessment of the entire property and house, tell you of my findings, and then do an energetic cleansing of your home and property.

Does this mean that you will not feel grandmother’s presence anymore? No, the love vibrations you treasure will stay with you; this cleansing will take some of these old vibrations and any earthbound spirits and move them to the light, filling your home and property with the light of our Creator and a cleaner, fresher energy.

Yes, I mentioned earthbound spirits—earthbound spirits are spirits who did not move to the light when their physical body passed from this world. They may have passed tragically or were fearful of facing their Creator from living their life in this physical lifetime in a less than perfect way. My job is to assist them in moving to the light.

By clearing the house and property of this old energy, it opens you to a more peaceful existence. Doing a clearing and cleansing as you purchase a new home or prepare to sell an existing property may make the entire process flow easier.

To arrange an appointment please pay through pay pal and I will contact you for a mutually convenient time to meet.

House Cleansing & Clearing Fee: Average size home is $300.00