Soul Alignment

The summer solstice brought us to a place of new growth so that we can take the next steps in our personal journeys. Have you stepped into alignment with your soul? Alignment means being in step and going in the same direction. Ask yourself if you are doing the work needed to bloom? We are at a critical stage in our development where you MUST heal from the inside out in order to move through these next years. Are you meditating, reading the books, and taking classes that call to you or are you just getting through the days, waiting for the next whatever to happen. Make it happen, for by accessing this soul energy you will understand what you are to do or where you are to go next.

Are you listening to what your soul whispers to you? Do you hear the answers your soul provides you with to guide you to your next steps? Your soul is the energy that brings you back to Oneness with Creator. It helps you access all your lifetimes of knowledge and with this alignment you have more access to greater wisdom and what is for your highest and best good. The soul is not separate from you but is your I AM presence!

We connect with many in this physical lifetime however, not all are as familiar as some we encounter. We have been with those people many times before and have agreed to learn lessons and teach lessons in this time and space as needed. We do not have the luxury of remembering these lessons; just know that you are participating… If you resist they come at you harder and stronger so again– Are you listening to what your Soul whispers to you?

I know that since this past winter I have been driven to heal many places deep inside me and as these scars heal I have encountered many people from my soul group who are bringing to me new understanding of life and where I am going. I am listening to my soul whispers and they lead me to the next step or to the people who can help me. This voyage we call life is just that—a magical ride to our next lessons. We grow and move forward especially if we are listening to our soul’s whispers. These whispers come from Creator through us for we are one with the Divine spark of inspiration we so seek. We look everywhere outside of ourselves to heal, for advice, for friendship, for LOVE, for knowledge, FOR ALL OF THE ANSWERS; however, all of the answers are already here, we just have to listen and as we listen we connect back to the ONENESS that is GOD and the answers are right there.

Mother Earth’s energy have been strong this past week and we are going to continue to have some of the harder hitting energies come upon us and we must be strong and connect to our heart in even stronger ways.

Take some time now to connect to your heart center. Sit down with your feet planted firmly on the ground, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and slowly let the day’s events fade away, concentrating on your breath alone and when that errant thought comes in, just go back to the breath and let it fade away. It does not matter here—all that matters is the breath that you draw in and the breath that you release. As you take that deep breath in pull in the love of God with it and as you release that breath let go of all of the issues that you think important on this day for they are of no matter…. Keep doing this breathing exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes at least and your body will begin to relax and as it relaxes you will notice thoughts will come with presents for you. Inspirational ideas that will help you to connect deeper so that the answers you seek are provided. Feel the heart and the emotion that comes with that breath, what does it feel like? What is it telling you? Sometimes the feelings come with colors, sometimes just the feelings so deep that it touches you like nothing has ever touched you before. These are the scars that need to be touched, massaged and healed as we grow into this new world. Feel them again, cry about them if you need to, but LOVE them as you go through this exercise. Instead of pushing them down and not feeling those uncomfortable feelings, take the time to love them, let your love massage them and then feel them change for that is when true healing begins. As you begin this journey know that you are now stepping into alignment with your soul.

Enjoy the healing and the beautiful light that comes with that journey. It will take you to infinity and beyond.

In love, light, peace and joy!

Rev. Mary Perry

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