Spring Clearing for the Soul

A seed thirsty for nourishment allows its roots to grow deeper into the earth to find what it needs. So do our souls as we look and go forth in this world. Find the nourishment for your soul by listening during meditation, prayer, walking out in nature, or by consciously asking what you need during your days. Use the spiritual tools you have to find that nourishment. We are never to feel the drought; we may just need to go a little deeper to find it!

The Earth is changing so rapidly, do you feel the speeding up of time? It seems to be going faster and faster, never enough time to get all things done. Perhaps it is not about getting it done but just moving through the energies and finding a way that works for you. Sometimes all the list does not need completion, sometimes the priorities are not what you see on the list. The list sometimes allows you to feel accomplishment but also sometimes feel less that that as not all is complete. We are asking you to look at your tasks and assign importance to them. If you say all, you are not looking inside to see what that truth is—please understand that many of your earth duties are distractions from your spiritual journey. It is not necessary to get all done so that you can do meditation, but perhaps it is time to meditate so you can get more done! See the order of the priorities need to be looked at in your hearts. What is truly important to you? Are you connecting to your guidance and higher self each day? It will help you move through these energies with a lightness of heart.

That is what spring brings, a new breath beginning, a new way of doing, and a new way of looking at your lives. Please take that look and laugh a little as what you think is serious and do or die may not be that important as you vision your life in a new way. The energies of these past few months have been intense in that all of you are being asked to look at life in new ways, and to really bring up past hurts and lessons and acknowledge them so that you can release them once and for all.  Are you ready to let go of past conditionings and allow your guidance to point you in new directions?  You are being called to really step into connecting with your higher self and living your soul purpose. As you stop the mental chatter of your ego, you will be able to see in a clearer way what that purpose is. Are you ready?

We are asking you to take some quiet time each day—meditation, prayer or a walk in nature, does not matter just take the time and as you do, release the chatter from your mind and allow your higher self to connect you and your soul energy—it is all one—just sometimes it gets pushed aside for the physical self wants and needs. This soul exercise can take as little as 10 minutes each day, either as a way to begin your day or end your day….  Try it and see how you feel.

As you begin, you will take several deep breaths, pulling in air through your nose and releasing with a loud exhale through your mouth. As you take these breaths, invite your mental chatter to stop and take a vacation as you are safe and secure and you want to listen for higher guidance just for the next 10 minutes. Allow any negative feelings, fears, worries and stress to leave your body as you exhale.

Continue taking the deep breaths pulling air in and filling up your insides with the beautiful white, golden light of God. Let it fill every part of your physical body, every cell and then as you release let more of what needs to clear from you go out with the exhale. Keep doing the breathing the entire time, bringing more and more of that golden, white Divine light in.  Now see yourself in a spring meadow with that beautiful bright green grass tickling your ankles, see the beautiful brilliant blue sky above with white fluffy clouds floating by and the sun shining brightly onto your face soaking deep into your body. As you stand there, think about what you desire to bring into your life this year. What is your deepest desire? And why is it important to you? As you begin to vision this desire, Archangel Uriel walks toward you. His presence is surrounded with a beautiful white light and as he steps toward you, you feel your crown chakra start to allow that light into your chakras, filtering downward into your third eye, your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, your sacral and your root chakras. As you begin to fill with this light see it moving downward even more into the earth star chakra about 6 feet into the ground below you. As this energy flows downward see those desires making beautiful flowers in your life garden and allow yourself to dream big. Archangel Uriel is helping your energies ground down into Mother Earth so that this beautiful white light can bring your dream into your physical life. Allow yourself to stand as long as you need to form the dream and vision what will be brought back to you. When you are done, thank Archangel Uriel for his loving energy and slowly return to your physical surroundings taking deep breaths and wiggling your toes and fingers and opening your eyes when ready.

We hope you dream big and allow yourself to see the love you are and what you deserve in this life. It is yours for the asking. 

We bring you the peace and joy of the spring winds.

The Elders of Light and

Rev. Mary Perry  

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