Following the Breadcrumbs

Following the Breadcrumbs Finding Purpose Finding PurposeMany breadcrumbs have presented themselves to me over the years that I have been doing this work. What do I mean? Well, people, books, spiritual ideas, and classes have all presented themselves to me as the next-best most significant idea ever! Did I always follow them? Sometimes yes with […]

Life Purpose

Life Purpose So many questions come from you earth beings about your life  purpose…. Your purpose is to be, to exist here on the earth plane learning the lessons you signed up for.  And through learning those lessons, seeing through the illusions to remember who you are… As a soul in the void, you were […]


Acceptance What we want you to know about acceptance is that there is so much more than what appears to you in the physical. There is something so great outside of yourself that gives the life force you use each and every day. Acceptance is living your life letting this force guide you through the […]

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