Healing What is the meaning of the word healing? Healing can mean: healing from injury or disease, to make sound or whole, to make well again. It can also mean to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome, or to restore to original purity or integrity or to return to a sound state. So now […]

Spring Clearing for the Soul

Spring Clearing for the Soul A seed thirsty for nourishment allows its roots to grow deeper into the earth to find what it needs. So do our souls as we look and go forth in this world. Find the nourishment for your soul by listening during meditation, prayer, walking out in nature, or by consciously […]

Soul Alignment

Soul Alignment The summer solstice brought us to a place of new growth so that we can take the next steps in our personal journeys. Have you stepped into alignment with your soul? Alignment means being in step and going in the same direction. Ask yourself if you are doing the work needed to bloom? […]