As I hit a milestone birthday this year in June, I have spent the past few months wondering what my purpose is and how to fulfill it. Yes, I still have those thoughts just like many of you. Am I on track or do I need to change something? What I came up with is that I AM a TEACHER! I love teaching and reaching others in that way. My purpose is to share my knowledge and life experiences so that perhaps others will gleam a purl of wisdom from me. It lights me up inside like nothing else I do. I love preparing for a class and talking and helping others with understanding spiritual principles and healing. I teach in all that I do when I have the opportunity. Even in my angel readings, I often teach with the angels help, opening someone to new knowledge or a new way to approach their life challenge.

I began to think back to teachers I have had all of my life. From my early school days there are teachers that still stick in my mind. The good feelings that some of them bring me were because they had passion for what they did and they cared deeply about the subject they were teaching and the person absorbing the information. I still remember a junior high school English teacher who inspired in me a passion for writing and reading. I remember my first grade teacher who was just as sweet as can be, nurturing and helping to build a foundation for the rest of my school days. I dearly remember my third grade teacher and her husband who was a high school Social Studies teacher. They had the passion to pass the knowledge onward.  I also remember the teachers who taught me how not to teach. I am grateful for all the lessons, it has helped me to form who I am today. The other thing I went back to was what I did for imaginary play as a youngster. At the age of 4 or 5, I played teacher and very bossily made my friends sit in the classroom while I stood in front of them at the chalk board. If I could not be the teacher, there was trouble, I tell you. So, I have learned tolerance and sharing in the years to follow.

I did not go to college, but went into the work force as a bookkeeper. I was good with numbers and math and it just flowed but it never gave me the passion I was seeking. It was a way to earn a living but it was not heartfelt.  I was always searching for the next thing, never quite satisfied with my work life. I worked at bookkeeping, accounting and payroll for 35 years. My message to you is to find your passion, live your passion and find work doing what you are passionate about. Don’t worry about the how; just find your way to live it…  Think outside the box; find a way in our truly miraculous world to make a living doing what you love. Not every job or career is a 9 to 5 office or factory job. Our world is so much bigger these days and it provides you with many opportunities to find your way.

I have been working with spiritual truths for the past 20 years on my healing path and I have taken many classes, read many books and done many exciting and life changing classes and practices. I am here to share that knowledge for as I remember who I am, open to it fully and pass on the wisdom I have discovered my light just gets brighter and brighter. One of my most miraculous moments is when a student starts to shine brighter and see for themselves what this wondrous world holds for them.  As a teacher, my job becomes more fulfilling when someone starts to fly and does not need me anymore. I love that! It’s like getting an A+ on a test. When they are successful so AM I. How great is that?  I really have the best job in the world now, teaching spiritual truths and about angels. I could ask for nothing better and I thank my lucky stars each and every day for where I have landed.  I am a wonderful resource for those just starting on discovering their spiritual journeys as well as those who have been searching and growing for some time. I also have a great deal of business background that can help many entrepreneurs as they start out in business.

I may not have all the answers all the time, but with the team of angels and guides we do bring a powerhouse of wisdom to all. I LOVE THAT!

I am offering many classes on different healing modalities that will help you grow and raise your vibrations. Check out my website for more information.


In peace, love and joy, I look forward to perhaps connecting with you in some way. I love when the tribe can connect and journey together for a while. It’s what this life is all about.


Happy Healing!  Find your Joy! It’s worth it!  So are you!


In love, peace and joy!


Rev. Mary Perry

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