To Love Beyond My Fear

What does that mean? Fear is the opposite of Love, so when I am in fear about my life, I am not operating from Love. Simply put, I am not growing. I am not connecting with the Divine Spark inside and I am trying to control and not allowing my life to happen….

As I journey through my life, I experience many emotions, lessons, and yes, even ego-driven thoughts. When I come from love with my heart open, these all pass through me to experience, but I do not hold tightly to them. When I am in fear, these experiences come to me, I hold on and wallow in the experience. There is no growth, and life becomes stagnant! Not where I want to be….. It does not feel good and it is not what my soul wants for me. Yes, I am here to have the experiences but to move through them easily and with grace. Accept what comes with the understanding that as I move through these experiences I grow and become stronger. As my soul grows stronger with each lesson, my heart moves me to emanating the Divine spark of Love, sharing it with all I meet on this journey.

As I open my heart energies, I trust my thoughts, my intuition, my inner knowing, and my body to lead me to what is best for me…. My connection to Divine Source is in my heart and when I allow it to lead me, it takes me to all the best places… It provides me with the joy and love to see all that comes as Divine Source energy and what I need on my journey now.

I love fear when it comes so that I can release it quickly and move back to heart energy. I recognize it for the lessons it brings. I forgive myself for feeling it, and I am thankful that the fear shows me what I need to know.

I AM a being of Divine Love! I AM living a life that fulfills me in every way! I AM!

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