Welcome to Your Beautiful Life

Today is March 2 and most of us are tired of winter and yet, today on the East Coast we are awaiting a new winter storm coming to bring us more cold and snow. As much as we want warmer weather and spring to come to us, there is a power greater than us that drives to us the universal flow of the weather. What I clearly hear is that we are not quite done uncovering the roots inside that need healing and attention.

We are still processing what needs healing in the deepest ways. There is a stirring of life but it is not quite ready to spring forth, flowing with the new healed love that is bubbling up. Winter is a time to go within and nourish the deepest parts of you. This year I feel that we are being asked to look at what is not working in our lives and to look at it with eyes of love to heal it in ways it has not been looked at before. What comes to mind for you as I say this? This is where you need to go…  Take that and bring up those feelings and thoughts and allow them to re-surface so that you see it with new eyes. Maybe forgiveness is called for…  Maybe love is called for…  Maybe compassion is called for…  Whatever it is, are you ready to call that forth and heal it in ways you have not before?

Just like we are not in control of the weather, we are also not in control of our lives. Our higher power brings to us the issues, lessons and challenges we need in order to learn our soul lessons. These lessons can be small or big but they are lessons we have asked to either learn or help someone else learn long before we get here to this physical life. As souls we decide to work on these things on this beautiful planet. Here we have free will to make choices—do we choose the right thing?  Not always and in that there is always a lesson. Choosing the “right” way is only a way to learn the lesson quicker and easier. Along with learning, we always need to acknowledge to our higher power the lesson learned. We need to learn to love the issues and challenges as well as the joyful things that enter our lives. When we love the fear, the ego, and the challenges we are acknowledging this beautiful life of free will that we are living.

We don’t always need to do it “right” but we do need to come at life with our hearts open with love and compassion for all as well as ourselves. We need to be able to look inside and acknowledge that we are human and sometimes our egos take over and want to keep us where it knows how we react, even if it is not “right”. We need to be able to be accountable for our actions and how we live. We need to take that inner look and work on ourselves.  These choices surround us all day, every day! Coming at life with our hearts open is the way to raise your vibrations and access your inner wisdom and that helps you live your best life, it helps you heal and to have self-compassion.

I know that I have not always made the best choices for my life, but what I know NOW is that I need to listen to my inner wisdom, and follow that guidance in order to move through my issues and challenges. I come from love now and always! If I move from that, and I am struggling with something I ask myself-“What would love do?”  I love those words… If we are not living with love, then we are living with fear and ego centered actions.  I love my life, all the issues, challenges, friends, family, and most of all ME! I am in gratitude for the lessons learned, for my EGO stepping in to keep me where it thinks is safe, for my fears, but most of all I am grateful for the LOVE that I am and for the guidance that is coming so much stronger now…  Fear is the opposite of LOVE and I want to live the rest of my life coming from LOVE. I am human and know that sometimes fear will slip in a crack, but I pray to my higher power that it is quickly loved and allowed to stop controlling my actions for if I walk with LOVE than fear is never important and not what I listen to!

For this month dear friends, please go inward and look and call up those things that you need to heal. Allow the fear, the ego, and the pain to surface and LOVE it! Nothing there is as bad as you imagine.

If you need help with any of this please let me know. I would love to help you heal in whatever way you feel if right for you!

God Bless and Namaste’

In light, love, peace and joy!

Rev. Mary Perry

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