What is Seraphim Blueprint?

Seraphim Blueprint is an ancient system of energy healing that existed in the day of Atlantis. It existed then and was used for about 600 years but as Atlantis civilization faded so did the usage of these energies. After that, these energies were again used around 50 A.D by the Hebrews. They were used in secrecy by about seven hundred people during this time. It again died out after being used for about 75 years. The system was created by 13 Seraphim, however there is only one left who oversees the system today.
The Seraph has brought this system of energy to us now to help us heal. It is a series of full day classes where the Seraph initiates you to the different energies. In the six different levels of classes, there are eleven different energy waveforms that are given to the student and integrated into the individual’s energy fields. These energies become permanent and do not go away. They are replicable energies and can be received more than one time which helps to set them deeper in your energy fields. Some of the energies can be used on others as well. The student can activate some of the energies for a daily energy practice to help the energies become stronger and for healing for themselves. The system as it now exists came to the founder, Ruth Rendely in 1994. It came in to her over a few years and different classes have come as needed. There are six basic levels as well as advanced classes. In Level I, you can heal pets, children, and yourself. You learn to install grids for your home or car. It is probably the most practical level of the system. For me, I was introduced to the name Seraphim Blueprint in 20115 when a friend mentioned that she had just taken a class. I went home and immediately researched the name, finding the website. I printed the symbol from the website and sat with it for a few days as I meditated. I felt the power it presented and knew I needed to take a class. I bought and read the book, “Seraphim Blueprint” by founder, Ruth Rendely and two weeks after first hearing the words Seraphim Blueprint, I was enrolled in a class. After the first day of class, I thought to myself, “Wow, what just happened here?” In every class following, I was more entranced with the energies and kept running them on myself, developing a new spiritual practice for myself. What has happened to me? My consciousness is more expanded and I now have become an observer of humanity and I reach out to help all with the help of my angel friends. I am changed and although you may look at me and say you do not see anything different, I feel that at my core, I am different and I come to life with these new feelings and internal prompts. I believe that the classes that I took in late 2015 and early 2016 helped me to move through my breast cancer incident. My journey went to a healing place working on old emotional wounds and of course the physical as well. How I view life is different after taking these classes. I see with different eyes. I have now completed Teacher Training for Levels I through IV and I am excited to help others who are interested, take these classes. I will complete Teacher Training for Levels V and VI in February, 2018. My first class is coming up and I could not be more excited to facilitate it. The interesting part of these classes is that you can be anywhere and we can connect by phone or skype or in person and the energy comes to you easily. One of the interesting happenings is that unlike Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy, this energy system does not flow through me while the initiations are happening. The energy comes directly to you from the Seraph. As the initiations are happening during the class, I too, am being initiated in whatever level is coming through. If you have questions, please contact me through email, phone or text. Be looking for the notice of the first class I hope that we can connect through these classes no matter where you are!
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