Date: November 16, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Where: Sustainability Wellness, 8415 Bellona Lane, Suite 202, Ruxton Towers, Towson, MD 21204
Investment: $148.00

Course materials include:

3 Remote Attunements, Manuals and Certificate

Please NOTE: This workshop requires prepaid registration no later than November 1, 2019  in order for the participant to receive the three remote attunements before the start of each workshop.  Remote attunement dates are November 11, November 13 and November 15  2019. Please note that as attunements and class materials are sent out prior to the class that no refunds are available after the attunement process starts.
Ole Gabrielsen, founder of Kundalini Reiki has introduced the attunements for Kundalini Reiki. Three remote attunements are given the week prior to the workshop to introduce the energy into your system and give you the opportunity to run the energy through your system before attending the workshop.  These remote attunements are taken in the privacy of your own home during a time that is convenient for you. I am not on the phone with you but will provide direction to begin the flow of energy for the attunement.  During the workshop we will discuss the attunement process and how the energy integrates with you.   We will also discuss how to treat a client. During the afternoon you will practice a client treatment with the other class members.

The cost of this course includes all three attunements to the Master Level. There are no prerequisites to receiving the Kundalini Reiki course. There are no symbols to learn as in other forms of Reiki.

The Kundalini energy is intuitive and goes to where they it is needed in the body. This form of energy cleans and clears the energy channels-the chakras opening them, strengthening them and preparing them to receive the Kundalini energy. Kundalini awakening starts at the Base Chakra, which is the entrance for the Kundalini Energy. After entering the body the energy runs up through the main energy channel and exits through the Crown Chakra. When your Kundalini is opened a complete cleansing of the chakras and energy channels will occur over a period of time.

If people have previously had problems with a Kundalini Awakening, a Kundalini Reiki treatment can often help. When you have your Kundalini awakened through Kundalini Reiki your Chakras are opened from the base to the Crown so Kundalini energy is released through the Crown chakra and there can be no build up of energy.

Kundalini Reiki 1
As you receive your first remote attunement your healing channels are opened to enable channeling of Reiki energy. While this is happening your body is prepared for the Kundalini awakening in Kundalini Reiki 2. The Crown, Heart and Hand Chakras are opened and strengthened which allows healing of the person being attuned and of clients. You will be shown how to perform a healing treatment and how to heal distantly.

Kundalini Reiki 2
In the second remote attunement, channels are strengthened and the main energy channel is opened. At this stage the Kundalini energy can travel from the base chakra to the Solar Plexus chakra. This prepares the way for a full Kundalini awakening. You will learn a meditation technique, which increases the power of the Kundalini energy. This enables further cleansing to occur.

Kundalini Reiki 3 (Kundalini Reiki Master)
The Throat, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base chakras are opened and strengthened further. The ‘Kundalini Fire’ is also strengthened and flows up and out of the Crown chakra. You will learn how to attune others, as well as objects such as crystals, so that they can be used as Reiki channels. You will also be instructed on using the following extra, included attunements:

1. Balance All.
2. Diamond Reiki.
3. Crystalline Reiki.
4. DNA Reiki.
5. Birth Trauma Reiki.
6. Location Reiki.
7. Past Life Reiki.

Please dress comfortable and bring a snack; bring a note book, an object to be attuned and a pendulum (if you have one).

Kundalini Reiki Certified Master Workshop
Cost: $148