Angel Play

– a monthly subscription package

Angel Play helps you to feel connected, inspired and empowered to move forward in your life. The picture above depicts a woman dressed as an angel feeling totally empowered. Do you keep looking for the road map to get you there and end up on a side road and not getting to your destination?

As I work with clients in multiple sessions, either weekly or monthly for ongoing periods, what I witness is their soul growth and stepping into living a life filled with connection to their inner wisdom and a beautiful opening to their soul blueprint.

Through healing sessions, they live life on their terms, have healthy boundaries, find joy and connection to their soul family, and manifest their desires. Maybe when they started they just wanted to feel better and then during the sessions they claim their inner power to move forward in their life.

Benefits You Receive:

With the Angel Play subscription package you work with me and my angel helpers for two private sessions a month. We will help you to recognize the energetic blocks that hold you back and help you heal them in ways that free you from feeling stuck.

Angel Play monthly subscription package is two sessions a month of either Angel Readings and/or Healing Sessions. 

Let’s dance with the angels!

What is
the Cost?

The cost per month is $248 per month, 10 months

I ask for a 10-month commitment from you so that you can find the transformation you desire.

To sign up now, simply click the link below and it will take you to my online scheduling program to set up payment and appointments.

Why am I offering this program?

Healing is an ongoing process in our lives. We heal from the outside in and layer by layer peel back the stuck energies that hold us back from being all we can be.

We all have cellular memories of traumas we have experienced in our lives. The trauma memory stays in our cells and through a healing session we become able to let it go.

The journey is sometimes easy but many times it is a difficult process to let go of something we have held onto for all of this life or other lifetimes as well. We also have ancestral energies that come with us into this life. And we have the limiting thought patterns or beliefs that we learn from parental, religious and societal conditionings.

How many times do the words in your head come from something parents have said to you over and over? They may not be your beliefs and yet, the words echo in your mind. It’s time to replace those words with your truth…  Are you ready?

The angels and I would love to play with you. Don’t think of this as work, but play with love and joy to transform your stuck places. The angels are very good at helping you with their Divine wisdom to find the joy and love you deserve. Let’s have some fun.