Healing Sessions

Are you looking for healing? You can desire healing for physical, mental emotional, and spiritual reasons. Healing comes to us in many ways, through conventional doctors, energy healing sessions, and words or sound vibrations to name a few.  What I offer to you is for you to step into your healer self as I am not the healer in our sessions. I become an instrument that sends energies to your energy fields. You are the one in charge, always, as you embrace the new ways of energetic support my healing team offers.

My healing sessions are an hour long and can be done in person or remotely as energy healing works wherever you are. Using my intuitive angelic connections, I will ask for the angelic support you need to help you embrace the energetic shift you desire. In the beginning of each session, I will ask you to state an intention for the healing and this will assist the angels in bringing in the energy you need.

During the healing session, my angels will guide me to bring in the healing modality that will best assist you in your journey.

It may be anyone of the following: Kundalini Reiki, Seraphim Blueprint, Integrated Energy Therapy, Planetary Washes, Divine Heart Connections and/or crystal and essential oil therapy. Click here to learn more about different healing modalities available to you.

What to expect...

During an in-person session, I will ask for permission before starting to put my hands on different parts of your body. During a remote session, we will be on the phone together as I work. I will be talking to you, allowing the angels to channel the words and I usually describe the placement of my hands. You may or may not feel my hands or tingles during the session as the energy runs but be assured it is working. After the session, you will experience a period of integration for the energetic shifts. You may feel angry or teary at times. Allow it to come up, and then do the release process I will teach you in the first session. You may want to journal about the dreams and experiences you have after the sessions as your dreams may be more vivid.

It may take more than one session to make the changes you desire. Ongoing, weekly, and monthly sessions will allow you to go deep into those places that need healing the most. I have a few clients who have been working with me weekly for over a year and have made remarkable changes.

The investment for a one-hour healing session is $128. If you wish for a longer session, we can meet for an hour and a half for $188.

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1 Hour Session  $128
1 1/2 Hour Session  $188
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