Blue Rain of Concentrated Divine Love Session

Divine Mother has given us a beautiful way to love any negativity or dark energies to the light with Divine Love.

Have you ever felt like a dark cloud is over you?

Have you been having negative thoughts and wondered how to shake them?

Have you thought about your ancestors and that their energy may travel with you in not-so-positive ways in this life?

Did you ever feel like karma from a past life is affecting you?

Maybe you have an encounter with someone that you feel drains your energy. 

Does your house or property feel heavy with lower energy?

If you feel this describes your experience, then
the Blue Rain of Concentrated Divine Love may offer relief.

Divine Mother offers through love an energy session that fills you with Divine Love, purifying, cleansing and healing the energies you carry that are not for your highest and best. 

What if you can ask Divine Mother to come and give you relief with the Blue Rain of Concentrated Divine Love? Divine Mother is a powerful being who wants to help us move from those feelings of negativity and lower energies to feeling the higher frequencies of love. She uses the Blue Rain to come and heal the lower energies with LOVE. If she cannot recover them in your energy fields she takes them to the upper realms to work on them there. 

Allow me to do a session on you to help you remove any darkness and negativity you may feel in your energy fields. This is empowering and helpful in feeling like you are moving positively in your life. 

About this session

Sessions are done remotely with you on the phone with me. It takes about 45 minutes to run and the energy usually works with you for at least 24 hours.

The investment for a session is $128. Seems to be a wonderful way to feel lighter and loving. 

I was introduced to this energy last year when I had some lower energies attached to me. It worked beautifully and felt so good that I wanted to have access to it all the time, so when the class was offered, I took it and here you go. What I love most is that the dark is purified, cleansed, and healed and it’s not a battle to take the energies from you.

I sometimes felt that when you fought the dark, it fed off that energy and was made stronger by it.  I have been working with my clients on it and have been having good results. 

Sound good to you? Great!
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Blue Rain of Concentrated Divine Love
45 minutes, virtual: $128
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