Soul Readings

According to the Rendely Method of Soul Readings, some or all of us may have different numbers of souls. One or more of these souls may be depressed or even suicidal and as such causing issues and challenges in your lives. A Soul Reading looks at the souls that you have and what kind of souls they may be and if they are depressed. I will also look at your aura to search for any negativity that may also be causing havoc in living your best life. I also look at your chakras, your systemic weaknesses, and if you have unusual allergies, such as to EMF’s or ground water. With your permission, I will remove the depressed souls and remove the negativity in your aura. 

The beauty of the Soul Reading is to help you find a way to wholeness and Divine flow.

In our world as we work through the evolution of our consciousness and our vibrational signature raises, you can face the negativities of this world and maybe some of the negativity, which used to be “normal” to you, may feel uncomfortable and difficult to be around. A Soul Reading will help you find negativity and depression you have picked up along the way and remove them for your highest and best. You may feel lighter after the reading, and you may find life less of a struggle. For a day after the reading, you may feel tired and definitely will need to drink lots of water to release the toxins.

If this intrigues you, the book, “Your Multiple Souls, How They Direct Your Creativity, Genius, Complexity, and Moods” by Ruth Rendely is available on Amazon and is quite a read.

The beauty of the Soul Reading is to help you find a way to wholeness and Divine flow.

Clarity about your life purpose and clear unwanted blocks
May help with relationship problems
Look at what may be future health issues
Determine if you have unusual allergies
Help answer any questions regarding your stay on this planet

What to expect...

I perform Soul Readings in person or by phone. I need your name and birthdate or a picture. I work with my team, The Elders of Light. who guide me in discerning the information that is correct for you. The Elders of Light include many Angels and Ascended Masters and my spirit guides. I will do the reading and afterward meet by phone or in person to discuss the reading and at that time with your permission, I will remove any depressed souls or negativity. I will follow up with you in two weeks and then in four months to check again and see what progress you have noticed.

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1 Hour Reading  $225 in person or by phone
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